Car Electronics Protection Of Electrostatic

Arts-and-Entertainment car electronics protection of electrostatic safety car electronics protection of electrostatic safety With the growing popularity of the automobile, products related to automotive and the use of static-related security issues have received increasing attention. Friction is static electricity from the main road. First, car climate drying process for conducting high-speed Xia in the, body conditions and air friction makes body Shang high accumulation of static charge, in the Department of body corner can training of thousands of volts above the static potential; passenger clothing and cars within the separation of contact friction seat will also help body accumulation are negative charge, reservoir for oil in vehicles driving the and area of friction will be liquid oil shipping, if these electrostatic is not efficient technology through: nearby rejection degree accumulationyou have the discharge of training; also, in the process of refueling, flow high speed gasoline in pipelines and fuel will enable the intense friction of static charge to transport large quantities of oil in the tank. Lighting & Electricals Approach to these problems: (1) occupant feel the door before descending a static load of release of your body metal door handle, and without prejudice to the appearance of wear antistatic is a good choice. (2) since the friction during use of the vehicle the risk cannot be avoided, provided by means of technical control of the accumulation of electrostatic loads on the discharge phenomena can be effectively avoided. Will be tank corps and metal with driver with live connection, on can performs tank and metal with equal potential body, because the tank within an electrostatic charge can conductively connected with conduction again through the entire body, etc. avoid has load local accumulation and may produced discharge ESD; then the use often can see the conductive rubber car Dragster track, will be the body leading the release of static placed ground charge. This article Source: LEDs & Optoelectronics http :/ / / category / LEDs-Optoelectronics About the Author: 相关的主题文章: