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Auto industry: the next "California gold" – Sohu "almost all enterprises out of business, people put down the work at hand, the sailors to ship dumped in Saint Bay, the soldiers left the barracks, the servant left the master, flocked to the birthplace of gold mine." This crazy scene took place in California in eighteenth Century. In the process of the westward migration of the population, people discovered the rich gold resources in California, and the gold rush spread to the whole country. Millions of Americans with his family, only to realize flourishes make light of travelling a thousand li, dream. But with more and more gold miners, there is less and less gold reserves. In fact, only those who advance action to make money. Not only the United States gold rush, China’s stock market and the property market has long been the story of the people of a truth: the first to be strong, and even after the start can not even drink soup. Similarly, with the Chinese car market gradually into the slow growth period, the major companies are also exploring and forecasting new business growth points, trying to advance the layout, to seize the market. This does not, there is a new California gold exposed the tip of the iceberg, that is the car modification industry. Last month, the Secretary General of the automotive modification Specialized Committee to introduce the 16 car modification standards. This standard wrote: June next year, including cars, surrounded by the sound, pedal to add, suspension, wheel hub, strengthening added standard, automotive lighting, interior decoration, color film, luggage rack with modified standard car computer system, circuit, appearance and a total of 16 kinds of automotive standards will be released. Many car fancier after tears and said: "finally do not open the car and others as like as two peas!" Car modification from the car movement, it is based on the needs of the owners, the manufacturer will produce the prototype of the car to change, including external modeling, internal modeling and other performance changes. Usually there are two kinds of modification, that is, body modification and power conversion. In our country, the body modification and power conversion at first are illegal. Later, the gradual modification of the body to relax the policy, the owners in the car to add some external decoration, but also open one eye closed one eye release. Even the beginning time and again out of the "16 car standard", "standard will only promise to let go" does not mean "legal modification". This means that the country will be careful to test the waters in the modified industry, if the effect is good, will be further liberalized policy, until the car is really legal. Therefore, the introduction of the standard simply can not meet people’s enthusiasm for the transformation of the car. You know, for the pursuit of personality of young consumers, who do not want to have full street models. In the face of "extensive demand let the car out of the ordinary", once the car modification policy really promoted, most likely explosive growth and development. However, the relevant departments to develop policies cautious attitude. You know, Chinese people’s imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style and ability is not blown out. The Internet has not only a domestic SUV will be converted to the case of Porsche, Geely will be converted into more Ferrari, almost as real posts. If the rash let go car Qi相关的主题文章: