Carven shows the playful Street rock girl Dong Jie (video)

Cute girl Dong Jie September 29th Paris time Carven under the rock street show, Carven2017 Spring Fashion Week held in Paris. Carven was born 1950s in golden age French couture, founded in 1945, a veteran of the Paris fashion house carven (Carven) by the gorgeous and elegant design process soon in Paris by Paris’s reputation, the nobility, the Egyptian royal family and Hollywood stars favor. Now more than attract aristocracy, today we captured recently in the film as "Yi biography" in girls Dong Jie. Paris fashion week 2017: combining Carven soft and elegant girl wind movement perfect Dong Jie: Tencent of fashion are all good friends, I am Dong Jie. Tencent fashion: Dong Jie, what do you say now open show feelings? Dong Jie: today the Carven show very young, and I think there are some even a little rock in such elements, but also very popular, I think Carven now this season is the style of a street, and a little retro such popular elements in. Tencent fashion: what is your favorite item of the season? Dong Jie: I think this season has set some of his look inside the waistband is very beautiful, there are some look which he will probably take the two belt and the neck will wear a leather collar, I think this is very nice. Tencent fashion: you have been living in Dalian, talk about the food in Dalian. Dong Jie: Dalian seafood is delicious, very fresh. Tencent fashion: Dalian, how can you give us a demonstration? Dong Jie: I stay in Dalian, I would like to retain. Tencent are: recently in the film "such as Yi biography" have what interesting things? Dong Jie: because "if Yi biography" is the content and role in the story are very much like a drama, a period when we enter the palace shot actually actor has just started running, slowly should be more interesting. Tencent fashion: who is the king of NG at the scene? Dong Jie: Well, it seems that I haven’t found it yet. Tencent are: "such as Yi biography" is a classic Qing drama, if you travel to ancient times, most want to return to what dynasty? Dong Jie: the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty quite good. Tencent fashion: after the work plan can be revealed? Dong Jie: now this year may concentrate on the film as "Yi biography". Tencent fashion: OK, thank you. Dong Jie: Well, good bye.相关的主题文章: