Chen Shaoze inspected the implementation of regulations for the management of dog raising in Nanjing

Chen Shaoze visited the "dog management regulations" the implementation of Nanjing City — Jiangsu Channel – original title: the establishment of long-term mechanism to enhance the management level in the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee held 18 days this month will be heard and considered "dog management regulations" Nanjing city law enforcement inspection report. Yesterday morning, Chen Shaoze, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, attended the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee and representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress to inspect the implementation of the regulations. Chen Shaoze requirements, we should conscientiously sum up experience, establish long-term management mechanism, to ensure that our city dog management work to a higher level. City leaders Li Qi and Sun Jianyou attended the inspection. Chen Shaoze and his party visited the tower area of the Acropolis District in Gulou District and the City Public Security Bureau, and listened to the report on the implementation of the regulations for the management of dogs in Nanjing. It is understood that this year, the city to reflect the strong public not walking the dog, dog undocumented dog, feeding large dogs and dogs, dogs and other disturbing illegal dog behavior were concentrated remediation clean-up, the city’s total correction, and civilized dog behavior since 16803, the penalties for illegal raising 9941 cases of dogs, dog trapping 11488. At present, dog problems have been effectively curbed, the dog dog chain, people take the initiative to clean up dog excrement and civilized dog growing phenomenon, according to law, civilized dog awareness and habits gradually develop. Chen Shaoze pointed out that the "dog management regulations" Nanjing city law enforcement inspection work started since March this year, the Municipal People’s Congress supervision and support of municipal government and relevant departments attach great importance to carefully organize and vigorously cooperate, the city formed a strong work force, the law enforcement inspection work and achieved remarkable results, especially the public security organs as the lead department, play a key role. At present, the problem of dog raising has been greatly reduced, and the level of civilized dog raising has been continuously improved. He urged all relevant departments should combine rectification work in the next step, experience, establish a long-term management mechanism; to take education as a key task unremittingly, further intensify propaganda, carry out various forms of publicity of laws and regulations, the law, norms, civilized dog has become the whole society the consensus; to strengthen law enforcement, innovation management method, to further improve the city’s law, civilized and scientific work dog. (Zhu Jing) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)

陈绍泽视察《南京市养犬管理条例》执行情况–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:建立长效机制 提升管理水平 将于本月18日召开的市人大常委会第二十八次会议将听取和审议《南京市养犬管理条例》执法检查工作情况的报告。昨天上午,市人大常委会主任陈绍泽率部分常委会组成人员和市人大代表,对条例执行情况进行视察。陈绍泽要求,要认真总结经验,建立长效管理机制,确保将我市养犬管理工作提升到更高水平。市领导李琦、孙建友参加视察。 陈绍泽一行实地视察了鼓楼区海德卫城小区广场宣传活动和市公安局犬只留检所,并听取了关于《南京市养犬管理条例》执行情况的报告。据了解,今年以来,我市对市民反映强烈的不系犬链遛犬、无证养犬,饲养大型犬和烈性犬、养犬扰民等违法违规养犬行为进行了集中清理整治,全市共纠正、查处不文明养犬行为16803起,其中处罚违法违规养犬案件9941起,捕捉流浪犬11488条。目前,养犬突出问题得到有效遏制,养犬人主动系犬链、清理犬便溺等文明养犬现象日益增多,依法、文明养犬的意识和习惯逐步养成。 陈绍泽指出,《南京市养犬管理条例》执法检查工作自今年3月份启动以来,在市人大常委会的监督支持和市政府及有关部门的高度重视、精心组织和大力配合下,全市上下形成了强大的工作合力,执法检查工作取得明显成效,尤其是公安机关作为牵头部门,发挥了关键作用。目前,市民反映养犬方面问题大为减少,文明养犬程度不断提高。他要求,各相关部门要结合下一步整改工作,总结借鉴经验,建立长效管理机制;要把宣传教育作为一个常抓不懈的重点来抓,进一步加大宣传力度,深入开展形式多样的法律法规宣传活动,使守法、规范、文明养犬成为全社会的共识;要加大执法力度,创新管理工作方法,进一步提升全市依法、文明、科学养犬工作。 (朱静) (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: