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Automobiles I can tell you one thing that isnt a secret: Boondock Saints II sucked. A lot. You might be thinking, Gee Joel, what does that have to do with Lexus? What does that have to do with hybrid technology? What does that have to do with eco-friendly driving? Well, nothing in theory. But, when you cross Lexus with Norman Reedus, put them both in the spotlight and let them do their thing, some form of magic is bound to happen. Right? I really dont know, but Chicago Lexus RX dealers are right to get behind the brands new marketing effort, which makes up in originality what it has the potential to lose in sheer terrible writing and acting. Are you still wondering what Im talking about? Well, there has been a ton of hype around the .ing CT200h, which will be.e one of Lexus premiere fuel efficient cars. The launch is .ing very soon and Chicago Lexus GS hybrid dealers are gearing up for it. That means tons of promotions and marketing stunts, and one of the first and hippest marketing stunts for the new car will be an action movie called Lexus Dark Ride. You have to hand it to Lexus; the movie really is a unique concept and will appeal to a .pletely different audience than the one Lexus usually targets. But that raises even more questions for Chicago Lexus RX dealers. For instance, is it wise to market to an audience that probably doesnt have the kind of money it takes to purchase a Lexus? Regardless, well give the brand an A for effort. Heres the plot. The opposition (unnamed beyond that) is trying to steal some seriously cutting edge hybrid fuel technology. You, along with your brand new shiny CT200h, have to make it to Los Angeles by dawn, and youve enlisted Tony (played by the illustrious and always charming Norman Reedus) to show Chicago Lexus GS hybrid drivers how it is done behind the wheel. But, it is your duty to make sure Tony doesnt slip into any sloppy driving, because it could be the difference between letting the enemy get away or saving the technology or the difference between life and death. I may still be a skeptic, but Chicago Lexus RX dealers seem absolutely titillated by the prospect of this movie. So, the question remains as to whether showing audiences the darker side of green will effectively build the buzz that Lexus is hoping to build. The CT200h has already received a good amount of buzz in the media, and the car serves as the premiere green option on the Lexus roster. I think theyll be okay, with or without the movie. But, only time will tell, and Chicago Lexus GS hybrid dealers are excited to find out. With manufacturers everywhere launching their own hybrid technology, its good to see that luxury manufacturers dont consider themselves exempt from the new movement. While it seems like a lot of them were slow to respond to the green movement, it looks like just about everyone has jumped onboard at this point. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: