China Insurance Regulatory Commission network mutual platform risk control is not easy to induce fin dataload

CIRC: mutual aid network platform for risk control is not perfect easily induced financial risk – Sohu news Xinhua Beijing November 3rd news (reporter Tan Moxiao) CIRC 3 news release, the mutual aid network platform does not have the insurance business qualification and the corresponding risk control ability, the financial risk, moral risk and business risk is difficult to control, likely to cause financial risks. According to reports, the current part of the mutual aid network platform to "mutual aid" on behalf of a public commitment to the responsibility to protect, declared full payment and reserve, charge fees to the public and the accumulation of capital, will support programs and insurance products linked and compared, false propaganda, have even claimed to have millions of members, the above behavior has been suspected to the public commitment to the payment of compensation liability". CIRC relevant responsible person said, the mutual aid network plans to open to the public for "misleading propaganda put a small amount of money can get high security", the public have a rigid payment induced by access to high security expectations. But in fact it is not based on insurance actuarial pricing risk and premium rate, there is no scientific responsibility reserve, do not have the strict supervision of government departments did not fully guarantee the payment of compensation in ability and financial stability, it is difficult to achieve sustainable operation. In the event of a risk event, promised payment is difficult to honor, consumer rights can not be guaranteed. The responsible person, the CIRC will on alleged violations to the public commitment to the payment of compensation responsibility, public expectations and other illegal payment by engaging in the insurance business network platform for mutual investigation, once verified, resolutely banned and relevant personnel shall be held accountable. Investors on the network platform, will also be restricted or even prohibited its investment in the insurance sector.相关的主题文章: