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City elite do not know something, why American rural residents very big Trump? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] controversial political science news Suren Donna Trump was elected the fifty-eighth president of the United States, as the world’s nuclear explosion, a lot of people say he is a populist incarnation, some people worry that he is a Nazi, will lead to the third world war. The election results highlight the mood of differentiation, Trump’s update the American dream, so that people living in the United States resonate with the country, is a mainstream media can not shake, crying in the heart. >: a lot of people say that the result of the vote is equal to the confrontation between the city and the countryside, not the gap between rich and poor, racism so simple. What are the factors that make American countryside people elected as a madman, American network media Cracked editor David Wong has summarized several reasons, the origins of the Trump phenomenon. If you look at the United States local vote, Hilary won the electoral district concentrated in the city, the city accounted for only less than 4% of the land area of the United States, but accounted for 62% of the population, is the birthplace of popular culture, but Trump won the majority of the constituency is more from the rest of the United States, where the root of the problem is the phenomenon of Trump. First, the confrontation between city and countryside. David Wong is from a small town in Illinois, even if a state has polarization, as the majority of people in Chicago to support Hilary, but he growth of small towns is to support Trump. For rural residents in the United States, Chicago is a distant country, is a strange place, but the feeling that the world is turning around the city, rural people have become the object of ridicule in popular culture. They think the city is a few hundred miles away. Natural disasters that have occurred in rural areas have also been seriously ignored, and media selective reports have made rural residents invisible. Trump is to seize these people the feeling of being ignored, for rural residents looked out of the window the elite stone, help them to arouse the attention of elite city. Second, rural people see city people, feel that they are from another planet, looking outside the Trump supporters are racist, but in fact, rural people are not afraid of is not hostile to the different races of men, but to see Chicago’s queer slang, music and clothes, but also the violence that they feel strange. These are part of a wonderful nature of the city, from afar, is a combination of super aggressive barbarians and frivolous white elite. Rural people think the trend is from the city, but many trends are not necessarily right. For example, turning to an atheist, giving up the church, and bisexual, which is a revelation to the country, will come sooner or later. The past family, faith, hard work and other American values has weakened, in the city tower on the elite of a contemptuous disregard these values, and follow the traditional values of the people laughed at. In addition, the great recession hit the rural community, but all the recovery will occur in the city in the rural areas, almost no new business again. The rate of suicide among young people in rural areas has doubled. Past village residents相关的主题文章: