Clear single game flat half low water Nancy keep away shuyue

Clear single game: flat half low water Nancy away keep [b] Valenciennes VS Nancy (seventeenth) start time: April 29th 02:30 Beijing time on the early morning of April 29th, the French Second Division will be a new round of the tournament, the relegation team Wa Ron Semyon Na in the home court against newly promoted one of Nancy hot. Aocai handicap by 2 of the average price of 3.53 3.06 2.10 1.82 half William Hill 3.60 3.10 2.05 3.60 3 2.10 Ladbrokes aocai odds 3.30 3.07 2.05 Valenciennes League points only 36 points, 3 points ahead of the relegation zone, relegation situation is not optimistic. But after the team beat relegation opponents Orlean, only 1 wins, 4 draws, 1 losses poor performance, in order to play the relegation prospects bleak. The beginning of the season among the upgrade Nancy area, but then slipped to lead the team has been ranked the top three list behind the change of 6 points, the campaign must win could reduce and upgrade the area gap, and the team has recently recorded 3 wins 1 flat 2 negative record in general, is not very ideal. Two League first leg clash, Valenciennes on the road 1 to 0 kill the opponent, but after the 9 time in France played only 1 wins 5 flat 3 negative, including home court 1 wins 2 flat 1 negative. Aocai open guest Let flat half low water dish, it directly shows his hopeless, the visitors are expected to keep. Let the ball Shengping Fu invited experts recommend: 10: clear

云淡风轻单场:平半低水 南锡客场力保不失[法乙]瓦朗谢纳 VS 南锡 (第17场)开赛时间:4月29日 02:30北京时间4月29日凌晨时分,法乙联赛将进行新一轮赛事,其中保级队瓦朗谢纳在主场迎战升班热门之一的南锡。 澳彩盘口 2.00 受平 半 1.82平均赔率 3.53 3.06 2.10威廉希尔 3.60 3.10 2.05立博国际 3.60 3.00 2.10澳彩赔率 3.30 3.07 2.05瓦朗谢纳联赛积分只有36分,领先降级区3分,保级形势不容乐观。但是该队在客场击败保级对手奥尔良后,居然只有1胜4平1负的欠佳表现,以此发挥保级前景黯淡。南锡赛季初一度跻身升级区,可惜随后的滑落导致球队目前已经落后排名三甲之列的昂热6分,此役必须取胜才有可能缩小与升级区差距,而球队近期亦录得3胜1平2负的一般战绩,不是很理想。两队联赛首回合交锋中,瓦朗谢纳在客场1比0击杀对手,但此前9次在法甲交手只有1胜5平3负,其中主场1胜2平1负。澳彩开出客让平半低水盘,无疑直接表明主胜无望,客队有望力保不失。让球胜平负推荐:10特邀专家:云淡风轻相关的主题文章: