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UnCategorized Alex Goad’s Google Conquest is the 2009 hottest internet marketing coaching system. I am so lucky to be one of the first 1000 participants that join this Google Conquest in last December, 2008. There are so many people waiting to join this course but there is only limited seats, so they are left outside the door. This is a true underground training that really teach you how to make real cash online. The Google Conquest coaching concept is actually guide us how to create mini sites that can tap on the profits from micro niche market with the right long tail keywords. Let me brief how I have created mini wordpress blogs that dominate conquest google search engine on page 1 for a few niche market in just 2 weeks time. This brings lots of free targeted traffic instantly and some affiliate sales. I have achieve from making no money into making hundreds of dollar monthly after just half way attending google conquest coaching. First, there are so many micro niche market for us to unleashed the business potentials. There are many easy way to find lots of profitable micro niche markets that people are reallying buying it. For example, we can easily discover the micro niche from ebay, paypal shop, health shopping sites, etc by recognizing there are transaction done over those niche products. This is the first step of recognizing micro niche market. Of course, google conquest will give you step by step guide in more details about how to find out profitable micro niche products. Second, I have to find out what are the correct profitable long tail keywords that will bring targeted visitors to my website. I will select 50 – 100 long tail keywords with low .petition for each of my micro niche market. My suggestion is at least monthly 300 searches with .petition less than 20,000. Third, I will start plan the outline of my micro niche wordpress sites. Then, I will register the domain name based on my long tail keyword. There is secret of selecting your domain which will attract more targeted buyer to your website. Now, the Google Conquest system really helps a lot for us to install our wordpress blog. There are so many themes, and useful plugins ready for us to pick. In just minutes, I can easily setup a mini wordpress site. Google Conquest system has many features. I like the feature that easily create unique contents for our blog with mixing video, graphic and articles together easily in just few minutes. Other than that, with Google Conquest, I also can easily doing web 2.0 marketing, eg. submitting RSS to many sites, social bookmarking submission and creating backlinks easily to my site with link cannon system and article submission. As long as we did the right things in choosing right niche, right long tail keywords and with some effort of creating contents and backlinks. It is easily for us to dominate the google search engine with those low .petitive high searches keywords. This is the basics of making adsense money and affiliate in.e online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: