Constellation Gemini truth suddenly opens my crazy routine (Figure) ssport

Constellation: Gemini truth suddenly opens my crazy routine (Figure) I did not express with Gemini results, decided to slowly disappear, who knows this Gemini suddenly changed! Frequent about me! Seconds back to me! Take me to the party! Give me something! What does he mean, don’t you want me to run? Sina users implicitly give my love to say Sina constellation Gemini suddenly opens with Gemini crazy routines I know more than a year, slowly love him, a few months ago. I asked him the idea, he said no.. Well, I do not know that I had no choice but to quietly disappeared, I think that Gemini should be what to say, since it did not say like, it would not be like. But really love him, and he did not take it with a tie, occasionally send messages about my situation, but he didn’t seem to respond. As a result, after a couple of months of silence, the man suddenly changed his mind. 1, about the number of times I get up, do not mind taking me to meet with his friends, but I will not say that his relationship with (I still do not know what we are…… Just friends… Action than ever before his intimacy, friends told me to maintain a certain distance, now will help me fix my hair, I accidentally knock to the rub will help me. He is not a person who likes to be too close to others. He would have avoided him by accident. It’s never been before. It’s too big…… Do not understand) 2, return my information rapidly (used across a long time, not even to) become love to laugh very 3, together, and always feel that smile is not the same as with the previous (do not know is not a psychological effect, think he laugh like expression in two words: love…… That kind of look…… Don’t know how to describe) 4, said he found that I really have to remember, as I said to eat what to eat, but not, at our next meeting he said, then we went to eat what 5, often will send me some chocolate biscuits, some do not like ah (because we all love to eat snacks, he has time to go to Hongkong will buy back, but also to help me with some estimates) but I often send him some small things, sent him a key ring, I see him for a long time, are dirty is not lost, it is not support behind estimation live and go to buy a new change on the. But!!! Just don’t know what he thinks!! Even his friends also feel very strange, and asked me not (even asked me I don’t know) his friends are always in the US manufacturing is similar to sit together with the opportunity, but they don’t know exactly what our relationship…… By! Like to say ah! This is what ah…… I think it’s a lot of pain!! But before I have said once again, this time if I ask him to say, and then I don’t know, I guess I will die…… Do you think Gemini likes me or is it just me? But his friends secretly told me that I was the only woman they had seen him out of the last few years (I don’t know if it was true…)相关的主题文章: