Credit card payments overdue three times into the blacklist Fake!

Credit card payments overdue three times into the blacklist? Fake! Credit card repayment overdue, three times will be pulled into the "blacklist"? A reporter asked: "credit deal" is a false message of personal credit records for 5 years, the so-called "black list" does not exist trainee reporter Xue Wenchun these days, there is a called "the people’s Bank issued credit Chinese Xinzheng message, widely circulated in Jinhua’s WeChat circle of friends. Many people say that they have a credit card overdue, worried that they will be added to the blacklist". As of press time, this WeChat has read more than 100 thousand +. The WeChat said: "the original record for a period of 5 years to 7 years, and T+1, more than a day for continuous three times overdue overdue! Pull into the blacklist! There is a black list of airline tickets, rail tickets, hotel, mobile phone can enjoy! Children are not the key school ID card is! The problem is equivalent to cover a chapter, dishonesty will can’t do anything!! and the use and cherish!" said it looks even many banks in closely reasoned and well argued, people who work in the forwarding. Is it true? The reporter contacted the Jinhua branch of the people’s Bank of Chinese shineford syndrome, and give the staff to produce the WeChat. The other side said, "this is a false news.". At present, there has not been any document about the new policy of credit investigation. Personal credit record is still retained for 5 years T+1 5 years ago launched the people’s Bank of Jinhua Central Branch of Chinese credit department staff told reporters, because the fake news has to bring a lot of unnecessary public concern, the people’s Bank Credit Information Center Chinese has for the first time by micro-blog for the rumor. Five responses were made to the false news of "credit reporting new deal". Among them, the record of bad information retention years, the response is written like this: "bad records will be stored on the date you pay off for 5 years, the bad record will be deleted after 5 years."." Thus, the personal credit record is still retained for 5 years, and has not been upgraded to 7 years. And "t + 1", personal credit data is a credit information collecting method of personal credit system, in 2011 had been on the line. Not what the so-called "black list" to "Laolai" restrictions on high consumption of paper said: "even if more than one day overdue overdue, continuous three times will be pulled into the blacklist". In the blacklist, people will not be able to fly, high-speed rail, stay in the hotel, and even mobile phones can not use. What’s more, the children in the blacklist cannot go to key schools". In response, the response said: this statement does not match the actual situation. The Supreme People’s court clearly stipulates that "the debtor who breaks faith" is strictly restricted and highly consumed by the debtor who breaks faith. As prohibited by plane and train etc.. This is the joint punishment mechanism established by the Supreme People’s court and the central civilization office, the Ministry of public security, the State Council SASAC, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of industry and commerce, the China Civil Aviation Administration, the China Railway General Administration and other departments. The people’s court should consult the local people’s court whether it is recognized as "the debtor who breaks faith". Welcome to pay attention to Tencent Shen Shen financial WeChat (micro signal: dashenmoney) Shen Shen financial users said: 85 after struggle family: 900 thousand mortgages back to me tired, 300 thousand such as; 信用卡还款逾期三次要被拉进黑名单?假的! 信用卡还款逾期,三次就要被拉进“黑名单”?记者求证:“征信新政”是假消息个人信用记录保留5年所谓“黑名单”并不存在见习记者 薛文春这几天,有一条名为“中国人民银行出台征信新政”的消息,在金华人的微信朋友圈里广为流传。很多人在转发的时候,说自己曾经有信用卡逾期的情况,担心自己会被加入“黑名单”。截止记者发稿,这条微信的阅读量已经超过了10万+。这条微信称:“原纪录周期5年提升为7年,且T+1了,超过一天为逾期!连续逾期三次者拉入黑名单!有了黑名单飞机票、高铁票、宾馆,手机都无法享受!子女无法上重点学校!身份证就有问题了,相当于盖个章!失信者必定寸步难行!且用且珍惜!”看起来说得头头是道,甚至有不少在银行工作的人都在转发。到底是不是真的?记者联系了中国人民银行金华市中心支行征信科,并给工作人员出示了这条微信。对方表示,这是一条假消息。目前并没有收到过有关“征信新政”的文件。个人信用记录仍保留5年“T+1”5年前就上线了中国人民银行金华市中心支行征信科工作人员告诉记者,由于这个假消息已经给市民带来很多不必要的担忧,中国人民银行征信中心已经在第一时间通过微博进行了辟谣。对“征信新政”这一假消息,做了五点回应。其中,关于不良信息记录的保存年限,回应是这样写的:“不良记录将在您还清欠款之日起保存5年,5年后该不良记录将被删除。”由此可见,个人信用记录仍然为保留5年,并没有提升为7年。且个人征信数据“T+1”,是个人征信系统的一种信贷信息采集方式,于2011年就已经上线了。没有什么所谓的“黑名单”只对“老赖”限制高消费文中称:“超过一天就算逾期,连续逾期三次者将被“拉入黑名单”。在黑名单内的人员,将无法乘坐飞机、高铁、入住宾馆,连手机都不能使用。更严重的是,黑名单内人员的子女无法上重点学校”。对此,回应表示:这种说法与实际不符。最高人民法院对“对失信被执行人”有明确规定,对失信被执行人进行限制高消费。如禁止乘坐飞机和列车软卧等。这是最高人民法院与中央文明办、公安部、国务院国资委、中国银监会、国家工商总局、中国民用航空局、中国铁路总等部门合作建立的联合惩戒机制。关于是否被认定为“失信被执行人”,要咨询当地人民法院。 欢迎关注腾讯大申理财微信(微信号:dashenmoney) 大申理财网友说: 85后奋斗族:90万房贷背得我好累 30万该如何支配 先买车还是先买房? 80、90后结婚 谁才是家里的财政主管? 更多》》 大申理财、网友漫话、简七读财 投稿合作邮箱:jane@dashenw申财有道QQ群:438150377 7招教你如何拒绝女友买iphone6s请求 A股振幅明显 专家:边走边看  相关的主题文章: