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Food-and-Drink Feeling down because of the cold and the rain? Let Dave’s Gourmet’s range cheer you up with six new hot sauces and two mustards now available at the Devil’s Garden. And to start off with a bang, just try Dave’s Gourmet Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce. This beautiful concoction has an appealing orange-y colour and plenty of Scotch Bonnets seeds which will awaken your senses right away if, like us, you are partial to this wonderfully fragrant chilli pepper which is part of the Habanero family. Blended in with just a hint of peach, this hot sauce is absolutely great to flavour Caribbean dishes but also makes a refreshing change as a condiment so don’t hesitate to use it in sandwiches. Another gorgeous fruity hot sauce from Dave’s Gourmet is their Ginger & Peach. The peach nectar is what your tastebuds notice first, followed by the ginger in the background while a gradual warmth from the chillies makes the whole experience last even longer. We love it in Caribbean food but weirdly, one of the best ways to have it is smothered on good quality vanilla ice cream!! If you feel like having a taste of the tropics then try Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean hot sauce? This zesty hot sauce is an absolute delight on its own as well as mixed in with noodles, rice or added to soups. Its base of carrots and Rican Red Habaneros makes it yet another winning sauce from Dave’s Gourmet’s range. The good thing about this hot sauce is that it will keep you guessing although the heat will make itself known instantly so to use with caution! If, like us, you love habanero chilli peppers then you only need a few drops from Dave’s Gourmet Hurtin’ Habanero hot sauce to feel satisfied. With a good glug of chilli extract, this is a hot sauce that your tastebuds are most likely to remember! Spices and a hint of garlic also have their place but truly, Dave wasn’t lying when he called it “Hurtin Habanero”! One of our favourite products from this new batch is Dave’s Gourmet Roasted Red Pepper & Chipotle Hot Sauce. Fireroasted sweet red peppers are .bined with the famous smoked jalapeno to create an incredible flavour while a hint of habanero brings in a subtle heat that lingers on the tongue. A hint of passionfruit makes the ensemble even more interesting and will add that “je ne sais quoi” to any tomato-based sauce. Dave’s Gourmet mustards are definitely something else! If you want mustard with body and texture and of course a good chilli kick then these are the one for you! Stored in an 8 oz jar, a little of Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Mustard definitely goes a long way so don’t you worry about finishing it too quickly! More than the heat (which is pretty intense!), the taste is what will keep you going for more. A delicate balance of herbs and spices has been carefully crafted to produce a wonderful condiment to smother on cold meats or liven up your sandwiches. We love it mixed with crème fraiche as it makes a great sauce for chicken, pasta or rice! Dave’s Gourmet Hurtin’ Habanero & Honey Mustard will truly leave you in awe. Be ready for some heat (oh yeah!), a great texture and an appetising flavour that will make you wonder how you managed to live that long without it! The hint of honey makes this mustard extremely appealing although of course the use of habaneros is pretty damn good too! We love using it to make a fiery salad dressing but also smother it on a chicken breast before roasting it in the oven… tempted yet? We should also mention a new chilli goody that we already use on a daily basis which is Dave’s Gourmet Soyabi sauce. You’ve guessed it, it’s a cross between soy sauce and wasabi! Infused with Japanese horseradish and mellowed with sesame oil, this tasty sauce is essential for any stir-fry, grilling or sushi. Quality ingredients really shine through, from the soy base to the rice wine vinegar as well as the ginger and garlic. The wasabi is of course what makes it extra special and our mouth waters every time we smell its incredible aroma. We love this Soyabi sauce in every day cooking but for a quick pick me up simply add it to freshly cooked basmati rice, it’s heaven on a plate! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: