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Day tour: follow the Nobel laureate Bob Dylan to explore the old poetic city – Sohu travel, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the poet laureate in rock music – Bob ·." This is Bob · in the past 15 years, every "never stop" tour of the opening ceremony of the White House in the past years. In 2016, the Nobel Prize laureate will give the 75 year old soul singer. In fact, Bob · in addition to the United States is the godfather of rock music, musicians, but also a pure poet Dylan. The executive secretary Dani, the Nobel prize for literature evaluation Bob · Dylan is "give ear; poetry poet". Eleven just after the holidays, Nobel normalizing, avoid the huge crowds of people, let us follow Bob · Dylan to explore the poetic City Nobel writer not old. To breathe the free air, feel the inspiration of their creation, and experience the peace after the noise. Day Tour Network () to remind you that now is the best time of booking, on the back of the pack, with the mood, to explore the poetic City Nobel writers are not old! To avoid it, to explore the poetry and distance Bob · Dylan wrote in "time passes slowly": "ain’t no reason to go in a wagon to the town, is no reason to go to the market; it is not without reason to come forth, not without reason to each party." For us, there is no reason for the European Tour’s eleven prime time, stagger peak travel, to feel the poetry and distance. Now, more and more travelers are willing to go abroad to breathe different air, feel different culture and food. With the Nobel curtain opened, Europe will become a popular tourist destination, especially the Swedish Nobel holy city, to absorb cultural nutrients. You can go to is minus 40 degrees in winter, there are more than 30 degrees Celsius zero summer in northern Sweden in Lapland, here is the Abisko National Park in Aurora sky station, you can enjoy the delicious delicious dinner while looking at the sky, enjoy the night sky light fantasy Aurora; can also visit Scandinavia natives, Sami, the one and only understand their culture, and traditional handicrafts. Figure 1: Northern Lights (Aurora sky pictures from the network) you can enjoy dinner in the nearby city of Poti, Lulea Bay on the ice; the experience of the world’s most famous ice hotel, ice plate and ice wine cup, minus 5 degrees in the ice room; or choose Lu REO trees near the hotel. Feel a series of luxury tree room, including UFO, "a room with a view", the mirror tree house, the tree can also experience the sauna, the bird’s nest; year-round hiking, downhill and cross-country skiing, fishing, canoeing, rafting, climbing, sledding, bike riding, dog sledding, riding a reindeer ice, swim. Figure 2: Lapland snow mountain (pictures from the network) hunters cheap tickets play unlimited wonderful Haizi wrote: "you come to earth again, you have to look at the sun, and your sweetheart, walking together in the street." In such a poetic season, with a loved one,!相关的主题文章: