Do you wear this coat looks expensive and small

What are you wearing this coat looks expensive and niche is most afraid of? Is someone wearing the clothes, then you don’t feel good again what meaning, only those niche and fashionable brand to a poke in your heart! In fact, the annual fashion week in addition to the new design of some big names, is to find some nice and special brand, because they really will let you out of the ordinary conform to no conventional pattern! Click to play GIF 121KJil SanderJil Sander this brand, the most outstanding is its thrifty aesthetics and simple lines, is love the minimalist girl dishes, completely minimalist style, even the details of the walk is the simplest way, also known as the fashion designer Queen of Clean" & quot Award; title. Enough to see this brand is very simple atmosphere. Click to play GIF 389K2016 winter series as a whole is very conspicuous, this is the three look islands most love, are the classic black and white and gray purple dress. Click to play GIF 306K2017 spring and summer series is a wide shoulder line style, but the overall tone and texture is still maintained a high cold line, there is a strong degree of identification. In fact, we also began to pay attention to the brand when it comes to Cosmo video section "open" wardrobe, an interview with the goddess Faye Yu, she talked about her love of designer brands, including Jil Sander. black and white ash love goddess, also feel the brand style is relatively simple, in line with their own style, but the overall tone is quiet texture. Li Bingbing airport is shot in the street wearing a Jil Sander, dark lines printed suit and trousers, low-key yet fashionable. Even Beckham also passes through the Jil Sander white shirt, a suit pants collocation, very much in line with the Jil Sander minimalist. Carvencarven is a brand I like very much, I feel very French woman taste, very delicate. This brand is now the main clothing, there are already a lot of stars are fans. Click to play GIF 311K just finished the 2017 spring and summer series, is still a cool tone to win, and then add some very delicate and feminine elements, so that this season’s carven once again attracted the attention of fashion elite! Click on the GIF 288K2016 Winter Series in the jacket gives a stylish and warm feeling. The explosion queen Yang Mi through Carven at the press conference that grey jacket, waist line a red velvet belt, wearing black shorts, black suit small and exquisite style. 2016 autumn and winter fashion week in Paris, Carven star show. Liu Shishi was wearing a purple skirt stamp mosaic Carven2016 spring, a motorcycle jacket, elegant purple by Liu Shishi through the unique charm. Dongyu Zhou recently recorded a variety show, even carven also wore a beige, scalloped collar sleeveless knit shirt, black collocation cropped high waist skirt, Dongyu Zhou carven of the French taste not out"相关的主题文章: