Double 11 micro-blog red line on the first day of the venue more than 4 million onlookers

Double 11 micro-blog red line on the first day of the venue more than 4 million people gathered along with the double 11 approaching, the annual shopping spree full approximation. Although there are 11 weeks away from the dual time of two, but in micro-blog has been ahead of the feeling of the double festival atmosphere of 11. Micro-blog as the only two Tmall 11 branch field, in October 21st micro-blog red branch field with the opening of the big screen on the double 11. On the same day, the amount of micro-blog red branch field visits amounted to 8 million 360 thousand times, compared with last year, an increase of 5.4 times, the number of visits more than 4 million 140 thousand people, an increase of 8.7 times. As of October 26th, to participate in a total of more than 1 million 400 thousand people grab red envelopes, there are 650 thousand people drawn to Tmall double red envelopes of 11. The two sides also through micro-blog red envelopes, celebrity stars, social networking providers, etc. This will be a comprehensive approach to the 11 double climax. This year, Tmall 11 global Carnival to internationalization and entertainment as the theme, the two sides also fully mobilize micro-blog’s international and entertainment accounts involved in the spread of the entire double 11. In addition to micro-blog red envelopes, the 11 Tmall micro-blog double linkage of the entire platform for communication, the use of the boot header, popular search, hot topic and other high-quality advertising resources to promote. In content marketing is innovation, based in the last year to entertainment stars and KOL as the main communication node, this year to sports stars, media organizations and embassies a total of six categories of accounts with the promotion of Tmall double 11, spread to cover more of the micro-blog group. Also give full play to the advantages of micro-blog in terms of content, combined with the characteristics of their accounts, with fans to drive the spread. The Olympic women’s volleyball champion Zhu ting on the release of "develop a mind", spiker Hui Ruoqi released the "vitality of" girls daily, show their daily, recommended products to micro-blog users in the form of shopping guide. Zhang Guowei, Guo Ailun and other sports stars, members of the group of, SNH48 also have to recommend the use of the article shopping guide. This also allows Tmall double 11 this year to get a greater degree of attention on micro-blog, the activities of the day to participate in the activities of the number of users to grab the red envelope to reach 1 million 400 thousand. As of October 26th, 11 to the # topic # double the amount of reading over the same period last year the growth rate of 30% compared to 3 million 150 thousand people to participate in the discussion topic, more than 1 million 100 thousand people lit Tmall double 11 theme icon. Tmall red Bowen total exposure of 1 billion 260 million, more than the same period last year, an increase of 13 times. Only Tmall released single egg video blog, forwarded more than 480 thousand times. Last year, Tmall and micro-blog to test the social electricity supplier, the two sides to further deepen cooperation in the social electricity supplier. In 11, micro-blog teamed up with Tmall launched by micro-blog beauty channel, the fashion and shopping guide Master reds, Hot Blog recommendation, output quality content, Tmall recommended goods in the post, in the direct purchase from micro-blog to Tmall. At the summit of V influence shortly before the end, micro-blog announced last year from the media get on micro-blog’s revenue was 11 billion 700 million, of which 10 billion 800 million from the electricity supplier realized, micro-blog has become a social business has begun to take shape. In the double 11 period, beauty has become Tmall double channel 11 special.相关的主题文章: