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How a simple cause gastroenteritis during pregnancy, during pregnancy causes and symptoms of gastroenteritis gastroenteritis, 1 maternal and child health – self Sohu acute gastroenteritis is usually through the food from the virus spread to the infected patients. Because you might share a towel, tableware and food and people infected with acute gastroenteritis. Symptoms usually need 1~2 genius will appear. 2, the symptoms of gastroenteritis gastroenteritis symptoms ranging from mild to severe are likely to continue 2~10 days. Common symptoms include diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps and headaches. Gastroenteritis need more rest. 3, the treatment of gastroenteritis a doctor may suggest some drug according to your condition. He might give you pain killers to help with the pain and help you sleep. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses, so you need to take care of yourself. Two pregnant women, gastroenteritis self health care 1, drinking enough water you need to make sure you get enough water. Dehydration is dangerous to the developing fetus. Make sure you add a lot of fluids, such as water and electrolytes. 2, reduce solid food if you do not have appetite, you can reduce the consumption of solid food, mainly fluid. Wait until you feel better, then slowly return to eat. 3, when you step back to the diet when eating, we must step by step, from the beginning of semi-solid food, the body does not have an uncomfortable reaction, in order to eat solid food. 4, pay attention to the body temperature and body temperature is too high for you may be dangerous, therefore, keep an eye on your body temperature, if there is a fever, immediately let the doctor know, and seek a solution. 5, completely relax to relax and rest, this is your key to restore health. Gastroenteritis may get you collapse, to the health of the fetus to recover as soon as possible, you need to. 6, ginger and Lemon Ginger is very helpful to the stomach disease, try to add it to the lemonade to drink together. Ginger can treat nausea and diarrhea, stomach cramps, and according to the study, ginger can cure all diseases during pregnancy. 7, drinking peppermint tea Mint is a kind of effective relaxation agent, has the effect of calm and numbness. You can drink mint tea, mint leaves or mint supplements. Based research相关的主题文章: