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Depression Dyslexia is a genetic disease that takes form at the time of birth. It is basically a learning difficulty that hampers the literary and intellectual growth of an individual. It disables a person from achieving significant progress in their personal life. The term dyslexia originates from Greek which implies having difficulty with words. People suffering from dyslexia have significant difficulty in rapid naming, remembering facts, working for prolonged periods, and learning or developing new skills that will be of future use. In other words their mental capability of absorbing facts to be used again or repeatedly is considerably less than an average human. The most widely seen symptoms of dyslexia include poor spelling, difficulty in writing or hazed handwriting, very slow reading, difficulty in .prehension, etc. For most dyslexia patients the condition could be due an optical condition wherein they are unable to obtain clear and visible images. Otherwise it could be related to a damaged brain activity where the light and visuals captured through vision are intermixed making it unable for the patient o understand the proper meaning that is implied. Dyslexic patients often suffer from isolation from social life as they are unable to cope with the swiftness and rapid progress of daily routines. The treatment process for dyslexia affected kids and adolescents require meticulous planning by the parents as well as the medical professionals. Parents have to ensure that the patient is made to cooperate with the treatment so that satisfactory results can be obtained at the earliest. The treatment process will include both medication as well personal training. Personal attendants who provide individual attention to the patients ensure tutoring of life skills and necessary education. Specially designed instruments, furniture and teaching materials are used for the training. Further spiritual discourses and meditation practices that improve focus and attention are also implemented for quicker progress. For many individuals who are affected with dyslexia syndrome the condition may not detected until there is serious deterioration in their school grades or overall social life. When left unnoticed the poor performance may also induce a mode of depression in the patients making it worse to treat them and revive them back to normal life. Mahendra Trivedi science is a spiritual practice that offers enduring results for people suffering from dyslexia. The science alters the human physiology from a deeper level and raises their spiritual consciousness which is capable of curing and eliminating all possible physical ailments and mental disorders. The Trivedi master wellness programs are a special prayer session where participants are led to evoke their spiritual sense through prayer and meditation practice. The practice of Trivedi science results in The Trivedi Effect, which improves the focus and attention span of individuals and make them more geared up for life. It is also proven that Trivedi science is capable of providing significant reduction in dyslexia condition suffered by individuals from birth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: