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e-Design Corp is making waves in the IT sector. It recently shifted base to a spacious, well-ventilated, and above all a posh environment at Merlin Links, a building that houses many established companies. The company, whose history bears witness to its steady and speedy growth, is on the look out for experienced professionals, as well as fresh talent. At the moment there are recruitments taking place for web designers, programmers and content writers. It targets at expanding its team to a total of 50 within the next one year, a mammoth task, yet with its excellent records, is indeed surmountable. That’s not it! Linux platform, with PHP/MySQL has always been its forte. However, it has now added ASP.NET under its wing, making it, its second language strong suit. At present, e-Design Corp is working on both Linux and Windows. Besides this, its creative team of highly skilled designers and programmers is producing the most mesmerizing website designs and user-friendly navigational techniques, which in turn is adding brand value to e-Design Corp . What’s next? e-Design Corp ‘s focus on the future is to upgrade its technology to Java. The company has challenged itself to a make a major turnaround. It has plans to increase its turnover by 30% in the upcoming 4 quarters. e-Design Corp , a Division of E-Design Info Systems Development Pvt. Ltd., assists the largest as well as the smallest business houses to become web-enabled. Consequently, it helps them to expand their clientele in addition to capitalizing to the maximum on their web investment. One of its chief strengths is employing open-source tools and technologies to provide the best cost and time-effective web solutions. It develops the best e-Commerce websites, which are database driven. The websites accommodate content management, that is, the ability to have information, pricing, images, and description of various products either added, modified or deleted. Various modes of payment can also be integrated into the same. In a world where the web is fast becoming a medium of partnership between people and businesses, e-Design Corp endeavours to assist its clients to capitalize on the power of the web for business profits. e-Design Corp excels in multimedia solutions. Through the innovative use of technology coupled with the human approach of creative finesse, it produces the most breathtaking special effects which enthrall viewers. In this world of cutthroat competition, businesses are looking for influential website content writing to boost their profits. e-Design Corp provides its clients with the service of website content writing as well. E-Design Info Systems Development Pvt. Ltd. 166 B, S.P.Mukherjee Road. Merlin Links, 5th Floor, Unit 5A, Kolkata -700026. West Bengal. India. Phone: +9133 65 15 66 38, +9133 64 52 27 08 Website: www.edesigncorp.net Email: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: