Eight for Halloween is coming and it throws you a pumpkin hair is quite fashionable! (video) ekdv-273

Eight for: Halloween is coming and it throws you a pumpkin hair "is quite fashionable! The WeChat public number: Beauty (bagongju) for eight fairies or your children do not have to wait until the end of the month, a pumpkin bun can get Halloween fun. Pumpkin beside a small ribbon, really lovely heart. The hair from the plate, the middle of the hair with a pumpkin, is a daily chic hairstyle. Different from other pumpkin balls, this is a hair band on the pumpkin head, like some more carefully. This is a full of pumpkin orchard full of pumpkin meatball head on top) directly in a pumpkin, mom will play. The little girl under the age of three is not too much hair, gave her braid down around the towering orange hair band ~ this is mother, direct all her hair dyed pumpkin color, let the children head into a pumpkin. A pumpkin bun, the same super cute, like a gourd gourd, seven vine on a flower to be Candy ~ a little devil angel ~ ~ is also the middle small pumpkin into a vibrant leaves, like the Forest Fairy ah. Beside with small insects, but not a bit of terror, but also the scalp veins, the heart too! Through the small Bian Bian Bian modeling, chic and simple ultra wide pumpkin belt, there is a sense of up! These ingenious pumpkins will let you and your child from head to foot to experience the atmosphere of the festival. Amber Kuo and Zhao Liying have a face! "Dog" is more popular bangs fall beauty ring star gossip dry cargo attention WeChat public number: bagongju相关的主题文章: