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Arts-and-Entertainment I have lived for 18 years in India although most of my life has been abroad in Australia. My father was an army officer who was posted to a different place every three years. So I am familiar with trains and Trip India. We travel back occasionally and will be going there in March/April this year. We have travelled several times to Jaipur, Delhi Trip, Varansi, Khajuraho Trip and Taj Mahal Trip but most Jaipur and so find is interesting that you are only spending one day there. There is a lot to see in Jaipur Trip and it is a good introduction to the Rajasthani way of life. We never stay in 5 star hotels and generally never pay more than $A $100. We look for smaller hotels and homestays and always get recommendations from other travellers. The journey from Jhodpur to Jaisalmere can be covered by bus as long as you have good ear muffs as all Indian long distance buses have blaring Indian movies or music infact one tour agent offers Jodhpur Tout Package. When there are Europeans travelling, the bus driver turns up the sound level so they can appreciate it more! Indian trains can be a mixed bunch. The well travelled ones like the Taj express are generally clean and run on time. Others which come from far away can be delayed for several hours at a time, so you could be waiting on a dirty, hot platform or in the waiting room with a crowd of noisy people. Toilets are far from clean. To avoid such thing find flights within India if you enjoy real India travel in train so you get to mix with the local people on trains (I am not suggesting 3rd class) who will ask you all sorts of personal questions but provide evasive answers if you asked the same of them. On the other hand you may have a wonderful experience and make new friends. You will stared at a lot – don’t take offence, just smile. Just as you are there to take in the sights, you are a sight for the locals. They (especially hotel staff) will love it if you take the photograph and post a copy back to them (take some envelopes to get them to write their address on them for you) A colleague of mine will be returning from just all the places in Rajasthan and South India where you want to stay. Although well heeled, they are not staying in 5 star hotels and I will be happy to get some comments from her and relay them to you. I tried to talk her into doing the hot air balloon trip in Jaipur so that I would have something to decide on for myself, but could not talk her family of four into it. Anyway we have decided to do it ourselves after talking to someone else who has done it. The same company also has trips in Jaisalmer City Tour, Udaipur and Pushkar. We will be spending five weeks in Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar Fair, Chittoghaur, Kota, Bundi, Todi Garh, Tonk. All these places are within 200 km of Jaipur and are smaller towns which will give my Australian husband a better taste of true Indian life. In Kota we will be staying on a farm. In Chittaughaur we will stayin Castle Biajiapur and travel back to Chittaughaur for their new sound and light show. The Sound and Light Show at the Red Fort in Delhi is a must, though if you have no idea of Indian history must have a Khajuraho Trip, it would probably just be a jumble of flashing lights and sound. Similarly, Gwalior between Agra and Orcha is worth a stop including attending their sound and light show. Orcha is very worthwhile and is a long drive from Gwalior. We will also be travelling to either Amritsar Trip or the Corbett National park. No we do not expect to see a tiger. If you are wanting to go to a tiger park, I would recommend Ranthambore National Park. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: