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FAW – Volkswagen factory Changchun precision manufacturing and quality before the date of visit, the FAW – Volkswagen discovery held in FAW Volkswagen’s home base Changchun. Not long ago just listed cross-border travel car – Wei led and the new Bora, a new generation of MAGOTAN models was born here. The event is also the FAW – Volkswagen Southern China base (Foshan), southwest base (Chengdu) visit, and again on the precision manufacturing and quality of the trip. For every owner, finally see are shiny car. Tens of thousands of parts together to produce the car, the quality is how to ensure that, in fact, behind a lot of stories. This came to the FAW – Volkswagen’s "home" Changchun base, where everyone is "behind the scenes analysis of the quality of the story". Changchun base is the birthplace of FAW Volkswagen Jetta in 1991, from the birth, development has gone through 25 years of time. Production models from the original brand of a model to the public and Audi two brands, more than a dozen models. We are familiar with the new Bora, a new generation of MAGOTAN and recently listed FAW – Volkswagen seventh new cars, the collar crossover wagon here. The car is a complex industrial product, landing from a steel plate to the vehicle, to experience the stamping, welding coatingand assembly technology 4. Although all car manufacturers have these four processes, but the production equipment, materials, the quality of workers is a gap. FAW – Volkswagen uses a number of industry-leading and even the world’s leading technology, good material + good equipment + good workers, in order to produce a good product! Four large production process – the first: [stamping] Changchun base stamping workshop cattle where? As the stamping center says, "a good car starts with a punch." This sentence is simple, straight out of stamping importance, if there is no good body parts, the back of the welding, painting and assembly is to have any meaning. Is like building a house, the foundation did not play well, the top cover is also good no use. Four production process – second: [including welding workshop master and skilled craftsmen of welding robot cooperation base Changchun]: laser welding (higher strength, more beautiful, let the roof) MAG welding, MIG welding, TOX riveting, and a large number of robot automation production. Laser welding is the FAW – Volkswagen first in the industry for large-scale applications, it also became a famous label for the FAW – Volkswagen products, more importantly, this process also lead the industry overall manufacturing technology. Four major production process – the third way: [painting] did not arrange to visit the body to ensure that the embroidery is not worn for 12 years! The paint shop because of its particularity, did not arrange the visit, and we can share the painting workshop jointly designed by both sides, the Volkswagen Group 5A workshop process, extensive use of automation equipment, such as automatic shuttle machine process using primer pretreatment and electrophoresis of the body. PVC technology is widely used to weld glue bottom plate, etc. the robot wheel cover. In the process of using ESTA electrostatic robot spraying; wax filling process using automatic equipment, after painting the body to meet the mass group of anti-corrosion and appearance standards, car body guarantee.相关的主题文章: