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Business The town of March lies within the area of the Isle of Ely in the county of Cambridgeshire in the UK. It is a market town and is also the centre for administration for the District Council of Fenland. Historically, the town of March was a major centre for railway transport, with a large junction stop on the Great Northern and Great Eastern railways. Much like other Fenland towns, the town of March was previously a marsh surrounded island. Gradually the land drained and the town began to grow and prosper as both a religious and trading centre. The town of March was also a port and more recently a railway and administrative centre as well as a market town. March is located along the banks of an older course of the Nene River which is still used as a route for pleasure boats today. In the year 1850, a one arched bridge was constructed over this river, leading to the north of the town. The main thoroughfare, High Street, stretches over this bridge all the way to Broad Street to the north of the river. The picturesque High Causeway is surrounded on each side by an avenue of various types of trees. The town has a museum, which can be found on the High Street. The building which houses the museum was once a girl’s school called South District and was built during the 1850s. It remained open as a school until the year 1976, when the Town Council bought the building and opened the museum a year later. The Museum is open two days a week; here you will find a wide variety of local heritage from both the town of March as well as villages surrounding March. Artefacts include a vast collection of vintage cameras and the face of the clock once on St. Mary’s Church. The centre of the town of March has a thriving atmosphere, with plenty of independent shops as well as the more mainstream chain stores such as bookshops, pharmacies, supermarkets, clothes shops as well as pubs, restaurants and cafes. In the last couple of years, quite a bit of development has taken place on the outer edges of the town. The retail park Meadowland was opened in 2008 and has household stores, a carpet shop and many other stores. March town has numerous restaurants and bars for locals and visitors to choose from. There are also quite a few parks in the area. A visit to St.Wendreda Church is a must when visiting the town of March. The name of the church .es from the saint to whom the building is dedicated. St. Wendreda is the town’s saint and was an Anglo-Saxon from the 7th century. She was the King of East Anglia’s daughter, who was a Christian King. The architecture of the church is finely detailed and the church is known all over the world for its exquisite roof with a double hammer beam, as well as its carved angels, of which there are 120. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: