Final fantasy 14, the national service today officially launched the maid maid 2 anniversary soulseek

"Final Fantasy 14" 2 anniversary of the official launch in China today maid 8.8 CGWR score novice card booking | Final Fantasy 14 Sina game news August 25th news, squaresoft AI producer Nicks, Shanda agents operating in the "Final Fantasy 14" in China today ushered in the 2 anniversary of the launch, the official launch of a series of the anniversary celebration, and launched a super love maid. Today, let us count the final fantasy 14 things. FF14 in China ushered in the 2 anniversary of the anniversary celebration opening maid launched the "Final Fantasy 14" and the national service common game player passed through 712 day and night, 2 anniversary celebration now has launched a grand opening, the official attendance activities and send some celebration activities, today also launched a super love maid outfit, the early bird the housekeeper and suit. Players can buy these packages through the mall. Maid suit: 128 yuan master today what kind of service? Elegant pure and lovely lively and appealing, with all praise words also cannot say beauty, what are you waiting for, your wardrobe is missing a maid. * this suit can be dyed, dyeing equipment need to reach level 15 and complete the task of "colorful world". * this set is a women’s suit, all of which are exclusively for women. Sexy maid maid maid preview preview maid color preview the original fat Chocobo: Super 168 yuan can eat bird’s head! As a Chocobo elder super greedy, the original fat Chocobo’s hair color is white. Because of its irrational character, except eat to death, whether weapons or armor will have to give you. * characters must reach level 20 and have access to land bird mounts. The original fat Chocobo this navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. The CGWR score 8.8 novice card booking | Final Fantasy 14 package: 128 yuan area housekeeper obeyed my master, dark Butler suit, white shirt and gloves, elegant, rigorous and capable. Was always straight hair and body, also a gentleman gentleman, more noble than noble. The opening is the London accent…… This is not really a housekeeper! * this suit can be dyed, dyeing equipment need to reach level 15 and complete the task of "colorful world". * this suit is a male suit, all of which are equipped for male characters. Housekeeper housekeeper housekeeper: 68 yuan suit armor style Chocobo with armor, Butler style Chocobo armor, glasses, plates, tails do not fall, the Ao Zeya fastest Butler, will Black Tea cake and whenever and wherever possible to your hands. The official game player to armor Butler said "thank you" about "Final Fantasy 14", most of the clothes in the minds of the game player keywords is "Luffa seed", "conscience", it also shows that the game player for this tour in china.相关的主题文章: