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Travel-and-Leisure Travelling to another country or town can be very exciting and educational. It however can be very disappointing and stressful if you do not have adequate ac.modation. The importance of paying attention to details on your reservation now .es to focus. This is generally applicable anywhere you go even in merry old London. Suggestions for the 5 top London hotels can be your guide to make your trip more pleasurable. It must be clear though that top locations does not necessarily mean that you have to stay at the most expensive ones. Top locations can refer to the quality of service that you receive, and in London, this can be virtually any type of full blown hotel or its more affordable counterpart, hostel. If you want additional information on where to go, hotels Kings Cross and cheap hotels London are very good resources to consider. Cheap hotel London can provide you with a listing of budget hotels in the area while the St Pancras Hotel Group will give you a choice among their four hotels which may fit your budget or proximity concerns. To further make your trip more enjoyable, here are some suggestions on the 5 top locations to stay in a hotel in London. London St Pancras. Location is one of the selling points of this hotel because it makes Euron, Kings, Cross, and St Pancras easily accessible. Affordability of your travel requisites can be delivered by this hotel. Whether you are in London for business or for vacation, the London St Pancras can provide suitable ac.modation for short-term and long-term stay. The 5 top London hotels that make your stay enjoyable include the St Pancras because it is considered as the transportation hub of Central London. Easy access to the famous London Zoo, underground ice wells, London Canal Museum, British Library, and craft markets is one of the benefits when staying in the London St Pancras. The Savoy London. The 100 million pounds restoration of The Savoy London establishes it as one of the icons in the hotel industry in the UK. The restoration preserved the historical value while incorporating newer concepts to make your stay truly worthwhile. Because of the rich history of this hotel, it .es highly re.mended. Emphasis on glamour and elegance are the driving force behind its beautiful interior. The famous Thames River is always a tourist drawer and you will have ample viewing of it during your stay. 41. The elegant black and white theme of the hotel is a stark contrast to its simple name. Its added glamour is derived from mahogany fixtures that are mostly accented in the Executive Lounge. A butler service that .pliments their hospitality suites makes you feel as though you never left home when staying at the 41. Not to mention access to the newest in-room technology brought to you with the highest level of personalized service. For the hearty eaters, the 24-hour room service menu will surely soothe any growling stomach with whatever you desire. The Egerton House Hotel. One of the few immaculately designed luxury townhouse hotels in London, it boasts mostly of .fort and hospitability. This luxury townhouse hotel puts you right in the heart of Knightsbridge. Upon check-in you will be greeted with lavish decorations, original works of art, and antiques among others. Studio suites are available on the top floors to deliver breathtaking view of the city including other amenities. Milestone Hotel and Apartments. If you want to experience Victorian inspired design and a good view of Kensington Palace then you definitely have to try Milestone Hotel and Apartments. Delivering the needs of modern travellers in uniquely designed rooms is an experience you must not miss. Massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, and facials are just some of the value added services that you can avail of during your stay. It is the perfect place to meet with friends while travelling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: