For Chinese military experts feel pulse quickchm

For Chinese "military experts" babamai in today’s Chinese media, there are two types of expert mostphotographed: one is talking about the economic activities of the economist, another is military experts pointing jiangshan. But these two experts, but also the most criticized by the public professionals, as a typical representative of the brick house. From the past to the famous "kelp capture nuclear submarine", to the recent use of high power jammers burn through the deployment of U.S. forces in South Korea thad radar, some of the so-called military experts "shocking" remarks in attracting topic at the same time, users have been criticized as pseudo military experts". With the development of Chinese is sensitive to the change of military force and military issues surrounding the situation, is becoming a television, network and mobile phone new media hot pursuit of the IP theme, as well as in China in recent years by the military program by CCTV monopoly to competition in the more than and 20 Star TV military programs, and emerging media accounts from the thousands. Some foreign media that some military programs and from the media account, specifically called China one-sided reports its military strength, stimulate Chinese nationalism not only affect the external image of the whole army, and some professional users rational judgment but the impact of sheer fallacy, the Chinese army. Of course, Chinese in the background of the rise of the people there "objective demand the right to know" and other aspects of military science program content, factors and the media for the pursuit of ratings and influence, is willing to make similar programs, but the present situation of the media military experts authenticity coexist, Nishajuxia, but must be cured. Otherwise, serious will affect China and China forces good image in the international arena. Why is there such a mess, root in? At present, military experts from different dimensions to analysis can be divided into several categories: from the system, can be divided into military experts, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (University), expert system and foreign experts; from the professional point of view to points, can be divided into military technology, military strategy, military experts and experts, experts in the history of international political experts division; from the age, both retired veteran comrades, as well as in a work of young scholars, more fearless new. Based on the military or military cognitive habits, now the most famous military experts, are experts in the military system. For example, Zhang Zhaozhong, Yin Zhuo, and so on, and so on, and so on, the famous, such as, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as. They basically represent the first echelon of the domestic military experts. For example, Zhang Zhaozhong teacher, is the network red figure military critics, Yin Zhuo is also a teacher is often CCTV guest, Jin Yinan teacher’s book "" misery brilliant Huobian Dai Xu also has high on both sides of the Changjiang River, influence and appeal in the network. In addition to the military experts, China Navy also especially for foreign propaganda should be need, also from the naval military academic institutions organized some experts, devoted to the development and important events (such as the development of the Navy aircraft carrier, the South China Sea in the island) to comment in the media, but in the comprehensive influence, as the first echelon. In fact, in addition to the military, there are a number of Academy of Social Sciences and military experts, worthy of attention. For example, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, South Asia Research Center Secretary General Ye Hailin, vice president of Renmin University of China, University of International Relations.相关的主题文章: