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Home-and-Family Do you know the reason why the bridesmaid dresses looked the same? It’s to confuse the evil spirits that usually kidnap the bride. Because the dresses are all the same, the evil spirit who obviously can’t recognize people face and has limited knowledge about wedding would be confused which is the real bride. While the evil spirits still confused, then the ceremony is being held. When the groom has kissed the bride, then the evil spirit has missed its chance to kidnap the bride. Well, it’s just a fairy tales, but my dad always said to me that in every fairy tale there is always a hint of fact. The fact in this fairy tale is that the bridesmaid dresses for hundred of years always have the same colors and shape with the table cloths. The brides nowadays are more sensitive to this issue, and they always wondering where they could find the best designer bridesmaid dresses available for their bridesmaid. The bridesmaid dresses would reflect the bride capability of controlling their own wedding day. The bride would be in control of what she would wear on her wedding day, and the bridesmaid as the name sounds, should follow the bride taste. Usually, when the wedding day is on its way, all brides are troubled about where they could find the best bridesmaid dresses. The designer bridesmaid dresses would be the best choice, but still it would need the higher amount of money to provide. And the first thing to remember on every bridesmaid dresses search is how the dresses would be suitable on your wedding theme. If your wedding theme is garden or "go green" sort of wedding, you could be happy when you could find the green dresses for your bridesmaid. But when the theme of your wedding is gothic perhaps, then it would be best for you to get the black dresses for all bridesmaids. Whatever your wedding theme is, you could never wrong when you get the designer bridesmaid dresses . This kind of dresses would be specifically made for your party, so you could ask for the colour and the design of dresses you want the bridesmaid to wear. The bridesmaid would also happily wear the dress they are given when they felt that the dresses they wear are really adorable and beautiful. There would be any dispute at all from them about the best dress that they have ever worn on somebody wedding. They would actually say that it’s your wedding that has the best dress. One last thing to make sure of, before you’re decide anything yet, have you asked the bridesmaid about what kind of dress they want to wear? You should take account on their feelings too. It’s the only way to make them feel wel.ed on the wedding, and to make them really .fortable on your wedding day. A .fortable bridesmaid will be a content bridesmaid, and a content bridesmaid would be a satisfied bridesmaid, and they are the best attendants for every wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: