Frost is very hot selling tonic muscovy duck duck half sold seventy or eighty

Frost is very hot selling tonic Muscovy Duck seventy or eighty duck half sold the newspaper news (reporter Liao Minwei) yesterday, "health care, is the time, folk proverb says" a year up through, frost than fill ", which shows the great influence of our solar term. I eat ginger duck, is known as "the custom of persimmon, the reporter visited yesterday found that duck, persimmon sales soared, which shows the public attention to the" frost tonic ". The mother duck dishes and Muscovy duck sales yesterday, reporters from the Xia and Shang Industry Department staff learned that the frost comes, white birds, live poultry sales have risen. "The city’s shopping malls, Xiashang shops, day to sell poultry ious there are about more than 4 thousand, nearly 10000 live poultry." The summer’s staff said, "the two day frost, sales have increased by about 20%, is the best selling mother duck dishes and used to make ginger duck duck." The head of the river the vegetable market poultry stalls stall Mr. Cai said that the sale of Muscovy duck is very hot, the morning into the seventy or eighty, most of the day is almost sold out, at 3 pm, only the last half only. "A lot of people today to buy, buy food duck soup, duck with noodles line back to do, but do more to buy ginger duck duck." Buy duck is Miss Xu said the people, she came to Xiamen last year, hear the local frost to eat ginger duck custom, so to buy a duck, give yourself tonic. Next to a selection of duck’s local residents Ms. Chen said, she also wants to buy back ginger duck duck. She said: "in Xiamen," is to eat ginger duck and persimmon, but I heard people say, persimmon can not eat too much, eat too much is not good for the body, so it is still relatively good ginger duck." Seedless persimmon and crisp persimmon popular although "persimmon is good can not be too much", but a deep tradition of eating persimmon frost or impact. Reporter visited Pu fruit wholesale market to know, whether it is crisp persimmon frost, hard or soft, seedless persimmon, sales rose sharply. In the Po market selling fruit for 20 years the owner of Mr. Yang said that since he, annual frost date, persimmon sales will rise. "I sell crisp persimmon, today more than yesterday sold more than 2 thousand pounds, up 20%, sold tens of thousands of pounds." Sell seedless persimmon traders Mr. Ye said, seedless persimmon sales rose nearly 30%, he sold a total of more than 8 thousand pounds a day. 3 pm yesterday, has not many customers in the wholesale market, but Mr. Yang and Mr. ye sold persimmon stall are reluctant to shut down, but the beginning of the goods will be ready the next day, a basket of persimmon packing neatly. "Tomorrow morning, there will be a lot of people to buy." Mr. Yang said. Autumn tonic dishes sales doubled there are people that do ginger duck too much trouble, not to go to the store to eat. Some businesses will seize this opportunity. Friends duck noodles taste world trade shop saw the autumn season, launched a series of autumn nourishing food. The staff said: "we are selling for backyard chicken, duck, chicken duck with noodles made of a line, and with wild Montenegro made a mutton lamb." Friends taste staff said that since the autumn, there are a lot of people to call every day, mostly home to the family pack tonic. Yesterday the frost, nourishing dishes sales soared more than double the day yesterday sold all poultry;相关的主题文章: