Fuzhou aims to expand the supply of 10 thousand public rental housing by the end of the year-windjview

Fuzhou will provide 10 thousand units of public rental housing supply range before the end of the year to expand the reporter learned yesterday, I, by increasing the supply of land, the introduction of regulatory policies, increase the intensity distribution of low-income housing and a number of initiatives to stabilize the market, control prices. In 3 years, more than 20% of residential land supply, in order to stabilize housing prices and market expectations, the city increased land supply. This year the city level to secure the supply of land 120 hectares, and strive for the basis of plans in the next 3 years the annual increase of more than 20% of the residential land supply. At present, there are 21 projects in our city, more than 800 acres of land has not been successfully delivered. In the future, we will combine the "seizing, moving and promoting" implementation of the "hundred day" campaign to increase the intensity of land transfer, ensure the smooth delivery of land, and ensure market supply. Investigate and deal with irregularities in the market in September 26th and October 6th, the city has issued a "Fuzhou city to further promote the supplementary notice of the real estate market stable and healthy development of a number of opinions" and the "opinions" of the "". The former defines strict land bidding conditions, the bid bond from the current 20% to 30%, the full payment of land leasing period of 3 months, 50% payment within 30 days of payment to the date of the contract, the remaining within 90 days of full payment. Recently, the city Housing Authority, market supervision and Management Bureau, the Municipal Construction Committee, city administration, city real estate registration and trading center composed of the joint inspection unit to conduct joint law enforcement inspection in the sale of real estate, focusing on property hoarding, drive up prices, malicious speculation, reselling room number and other irregularities in the investigation. Public rental housing is sufficient, our city speed up the pace of public rental housing construction, to ensure adequate housing supply, and strive to improve the rate of rent distribution. Actively coordinate the owners of units construction project project construction, housing acceptance and handover work, ensure the effective supply of housing, the operating part of the transfer of the land also requires the construction of low-income housing. At present, Jinan has horsetail, Cangshan district public housing distribution, effectively improve the coverage of public rental housing, to meet the most difficult living needs. So far, the city’s public rental housing (low rent housing) has started construction of 50458 units, completed 30583 units, the cumulative distribution of 25357 units of public rental housing, public rental housing has been completed distribution rate of 83%. Before the end of this year the city level plans to provide 7000 sets of the above (to 10 thousand) of public rental housing, is expected within a year of public rental housing supply can satisfy the new demand with rent. Simplify the approval process, increase the rent allocation efforts. In April this year, the establishment and use of Fuzhou housing security information system, street (township), District, city three checks, all online operation. Since the beginning of a new round of public rental housing to receive approval to work in an orderly manner, as of now, the office of the streets (township government) has accepted the masses through the information system for about 7100 households, deduct a certain number of patch, return, is expected before the end of more than 4500 households can guarantee qualification registration. Year by year to reduce the threshold of housing security and expand the scope of affordable housing supply. In April this year, the annual per capita income requirement for families was reduced from 32 thousand yuan to 34 thousand yuan (single family annual income)

福州力争年底前提供1万套公租房 供应范围扩大   记者昨天获悉,我市通过加大土地供应、出台调控政策、加大保障房分配力度等多项举措,来控制房价,稳定市场。   3年内增加20%以上   住宅用地供应量   为了稳定房价和市场预期,我市加大土地供应量。今年市本级力保120公顷的土地供应量,力争在3年内在年度供地计划的基础上增加20%以上的住宅用地供应量。   目前我市城区尚有21个项目800多亩土地未顺利交地。今后将结合“抓征迁、促落实”百日攻坚行动,加大征迁交地力度,确保顺利交地,保证市场供应量。   查处市场违规行为   9月26日和10月6日,我市相继出台了《福州市进一步促进房地产市场平稳健康发展若干意见》和该《意见》的《补充通知》。前者明确了严格土地竞买条件,将竞买保证金由现行的20%提高到30%,全额土地出让金支付期限调整为3个月,付款比例为合同签订之日起30天内支付50%,其余在90天内全部付清。   近期市房管局、市市场监督管理局、市建委、市物价局、市不动产登记和交易中心组成联合巡查组对在售楼盘进行联合执法检查,重点对捂盘惜售、哄抬房价、恶意炒作、倒卖房号等违规行为进行查处。   公租房房源充足   我市加快公租房建设步伐,确保房源总量充足,努力提高配租率。积极协调建设项目业主单位做好项目建设、房源验收和交接工作,确保房源有效供应,部分出让的经营性用地也要求配建保障房。目前晋安、马尾、仓山区均有公租房分布,有力提高了公租房覆盖范围,能满足多数困难居民居住需求。目前为止,全市公共租赁住房(廉租房)累计开工建设50458套,竣工交付30583套,累计分配公共租赁住房25357套,已竣工公共租赁住房分配率达83%。今年底前市本级计划提供7000套以上(力争1万套)公共租赁住房,预计年内公共租赁住房供应量可以满足新增配租需求。   简化审批流程,加大配租工作力度。今年4月建立并使用福州市住房保障信息系统,街(乡镇)、区、市三级把关全部实行网上运行。年初以来,新一轮公租房受理审批工作有序开展,截至目前,各街道办事处(乡镇政府)已通过信息系统受理群众申请约7100户,扣除一定数量的补件、退件后,预计年底前可登记保障资格4500户以上。   逐年降低住房保障准入门槛,扩大保障房供应范围。今年4月,申请家庭人均年收入条件由原来的3.2万元放宽为3.4万元(单身家庭年收入条件由4.8万元放宽至5.1万元),家庭财产由58万元放宽至61万元,外来务工人员在本市城区的社保缴交年限也由6年放宽至4年。   转变公租房保障方式,推进公租房货币化补贴。   根据榕政办[2016]181号文件精神,鼓励符合众创空间、创客公寓、健康医疗、养老养生、旅游休闲等用途的项目承租经批准改造后的商业办公用房。(记者 綦芬)相关的主题文章: