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Fuzhou Sanhuan muck truck rollover risk falling bridge a long ramp closed muck truck rollover, 3rd Ring Rd South Ramp island was completely blocked the channel network November 9th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zhu Minmin Wen Mao Zhaoqing     map) yesterday morning 5 am, Fuzhou South Island to the 3rd Ring Rd ramp, a muck car rollover, almost crashed into a bridge, the driver was wounded in the leg. Rollover muck handlebar the ramp completely blocked, leading to the ramp closed one morning. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Yesterday morning, the reporters rushed to the scene, min AM1126 license plate number of the Yellow muck truck rollover on the 3rd Ring Rd South Lantau direction ramp intersection, the front distortion, two front wheels separated from the body, and constantly to the oil tank leakage. The side of the isolation fence was damaged in five or six meters, the intersection oriented brand pillars also dented. According to Mr. Lin in the rescue scene, the accident occurred at about 5 in the morning, when they arrived, the driver was wounded in the leg, after being sent to hospital for medical treatment. "Muck car is crashed into a guardrail and column oriented brand rollover, but sturdy pillars, otherwise, the vehicle may bridge". At 11:30 at noon yesterday, the muck car was towed away from the scene, rescue personnel will be laid on the sand road, passing vehicles to prevent slipping. 12 am, restore traffic. During the interview, many residents of the surrounding, 3rd Ring Rd, Riverside Road and other roads, few vehicles at night, car speed generally faster, easy to cause the accident, the hidden trouble of safety.相关的主题文章: