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E-Books Magazines are easier to access and read these days. They have transformed altogether in the form and availability. The technological developments, that are taking place around have also influenced on these periodical too. The World is increasingly digitalized. Different new means are cropping up to stay connected, gather the information and get things done. Particularly the information and .munication revolution, because of the internet penetration and availability of easy net accessing devices, made the huge difference to the way we learn and seek knowledge and wisdom. Particularly, magazines have increased their reach, managed to make the content is rich and .pelling, and also provided uninterrupted access. All these are possible because the magazines turned into Digital format, i.e. Digital magazines. The emergence of online publication, publishing to the digital world through the internet, changed the very idea of publishing, including all kinds of publications like books, magazines, catalogs and others. These have be.e a lot more sophisticated, could be circulated over the internet to a larger audience in a hassle free way. Reading of all these be.e a new experience. Mainly these new phenomena of EPublication gave the Magazines a chance to redeem the lost glory. At the outset, the emergence of ICT had a huge impact the magazines, the experienced the loss of readership and profits, also the advertising revenue. The major developments influenced this change includes the emergence of a range of new age electronic devices, which can be hand held and operated on the go, and the development of softwares, which enabled the publishing to these new means easy. Particularly, development of Digital Magazine Publishing Software made the huge difference. When the iPad, first refined tablet, hit the market software issues could be felt seriously. Soon, the earnest developments by multiple stakeholders yielded the positive results. The flipping book software offered solutions to all kinds of problems the new form of publishing was experiencing. It allowed the creation of digital editions from the PDFs, and also made the creation of the same a lot simpler. With the help of conversion technologies, which are used in the software, PDFs can be converted into a Flash and HTML files easily. Apart from this, quite a few other features can be incorporated into the magazine, in order to make the reading more interactive and personal. Page indexing, search feature, etc. allow quick navigation to the desired page or the content. All these made the digital magazines a huge success and widely popular. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: