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Google to lift the Machine Translation revolution, artificial translation go from here? Original title: Google and then lift the Machine Translation revolution, artificial translation go from here? Author: Li Shenmiao Google today announced the release of its neural network Machine Translation system (GNMT), with the most advanced technology, will achieve so far the largest increase in the quality of Machine Translation. GNMT has overcome many challenges of super large data sets, the translation speed and accuracy have been enough for users to bring better services, such as English and French, English and Spanish translation quality has reached about 90%, the English translation is also up and down 80%. In practical applications, GNMT is still not absolutely reliable, it can not help but some of the basic errors that the translator will not commit, such as turning over some of the proper terminology, or ignore the context of the sentence translation. But the river becomes warm in spring ducks, available from Skype recently launched instant speech translation function to the GNMT, many people engaged in the translation industry has been keenly aware of this new technology will be applied to the traditional manual translation may bring about impact. As a spinning Jeanne unemployed textile workers can hit many machines to vent their anger, delaying the promotion of new technologies. In the future, because of new technology and artificial unemployed translator, probably did not have time to hit the Google building, new technology has already found the blossom everywhere. Today, a new technology to spread much faster than in sixteenth Century, now we see is just an upgrade Google translation, shortly after the more instant speech translation function of the mobile terminal into mature, with different languages hold mobile phone laughing. The language barrier Babel down, today we have seen that mankind rely on technology to end the situation of dawn. But the bottleneck of artificial intelligence is also obvious. In a relatively short time and technology can not completely replace human translation, difficult translation work, such as translation of academic literature, literary works, serious political and business meetings with the simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, is still on the artificial translation of flexible subjective initiative and creativity are absolutely dependent on this aspect is short board manual intelligent. The relatively low, such as translation difficulty and low demand and instant interpretation, then escape the fate of being replaced by machines. Low-end practitioners face no food to eat, high-end practitioners face more difficult to eat rice. Although the new technology can replace the high level translation work, but it will change the previous mode of operation, the past individual workload, later may have a person can do, because of the past, future may reduce the difficulty. As in the past, the golden age of thousands of pieces is likely to come to an end. The fate of the translation industry is also worthy of vigilance in other industries, people face technology, what will be, this is a problem. Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: