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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Are you stressed out over your gift list and you just don’t know what to get for that certain someone? We all have people like that on our gift lists. We know exactly what to get everyone else but when it .es to that one person, we draw a blank. You want to get them a gift that’s thoughtful, easy to make and cheap. Well, a gourmet cookie gift basket is all of those things. A gourmet cookie gift basket can be given for any occasion. It makes for a good holiday gift basket, birthday gift basket and even a basket for a ‘just because’ occasion. The best thing about gourmet cookies is that they can be decorated to fit any occasion. To get started, all you need are the cookies, a basket, some filler, clear wrap and a bow. That’s easy. Let’s get started. The Cookies You can either buy the gourmet cookies for the gift basket or you can make your own. The best thing about making your own cookies is that you can make them how you want and you can decorate them how you want. Of course you can order them from a bakery already decorated but what’s the fun in that? Of course, if you’re not handy in the kitchen, then you may want to buy them just to save you from burning your house down. The cookies should be placed on a decorative plate and covered in the same wrap that you’ll wrap the basket with. It should be see through so that the person can see the cookies inside. Don’t just put the cookies in the basket resting on the filler or else you could end up ruining the cookies and that’s not a very good gift to give anyone. Making The Basket Once you’ve either bought or made the gourmet cookies, making the gift basket is easy. You simply put some filler on the bottom of the basket, just like you would see with an Easter basket. You can either use plastic straw, tissue paper or anything else decorative. Put the plate of cookies on top of the filler and then wrap it up. Of course, you can add anything else to the basket that you choose. You could maybe put a coffee mug inside printed with the occasion, such as Happy Birthday and then the person’s name. Wrap the basket with the plastic wrap and then put the bow on top. This is a very easy gift to make and it’s extremely thoughtful. No matter who you have on your list that you just can’t .e up with a gift they’d like, give them a gourmet cookie gift basket and they’re sure to love it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: