Guo Ping central media research show Xi Jinping new media feelings

In the central media research shows: Xi Jinping new media feelings original title: national level: the central media research shows Xi Jinping "new media feelings" in February 19th, the Lantern Festival is approaching, general secretary Xi Jinping has research the people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV and other central media. In the first public activity after the Spring Festival of monkey year, the interaction between the new media and the netizens and journalists by the general secretary is a big highlight. Every word and action, showing Xi Jinping between every twinkle and smile to keep pace with the times, have fun with the citizens "new media". "Listen quickly, Xi Jinping sends the Lantern Festival blessing to the people’s daily through the client of the people’s Daily". In the morning of February 19th, this greeting from the general secretary makes many busy Netizens feel pleasantly surprised and cordial. Just a noon, this greeting voice has been blasting friends circle, harvest massive hits. Although the survey of the three central media has its own focus, one of the focuses of this trip is the general secretary’s concern and attention to the development of new media. Active, open and inclusive has been the general secretary’s "governance network thinking" distinctive color. He proposed to grasp the initiative of network public opinion battlefield, should innovate and improve online publicity, use the law of network communication, to study the development law of new media. Into the network language in the New Year message to him for two consecutive years, many also interact with users through the new media. On the occasion of the lunar new year, the general secretary of the new media and Internet users with interactive greetings, told the media the new media development "as a pleasurable occupation" cannot say but to talk with eloquence netizens hearts; General Secretary by remote command system, video connection and other new media technology, tell you can not ignore the technology on the development of new media is important supporting role. General secretary half a day in the investigation of click and click, a greeting, inadvertently revealed his special attention and profound thinking about the development of new media. From the old transmitter, cranking motor to the new media all media platform, client, Chinese journalism came from the arduous war, now has ushered in a new period of vigorous development. In today’s new media development is just unfolding, the strategic vision of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "new media is full of affectionate feelings and blazing with anger, prosperity and development of the media industry will usher in the spring garden Chinese. (Guo Ping) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

国平:央媒调研展现习近平新媒体情怀   原标题:国平:央媒调研展现习近平“新媒体情怀”   2月19日,在元宵佳节来临之际,习近平总书记先后调研人民日报、新华社、中央电视台等中央媒体。在这场猴年春节后的首次公开活动中,习总书记用新媒体与网民、记者的互动堪称一大亮点。一言一行、一颦一笑间展现出习近平与时俱进、与民同乐的“新媒体情怀”。   “快听,习近平通过人民日报客户端给您发来了元宵节祝福”,2月19日上午这条来自总书记的节日问候让不少忙碌中的网民倍感惊喜、亲切。短短一 个中午,这一问候语音就已经刷爆朋友圈、收获海量点击。虽然,对三大央媒的调研各有侧重,但此行的焦点之一当属总书记对新媒体发展的关心与关注。   积极主动、开放包容一直是总书记“治网思想”的鲜明色彩。他提出要掌握网络舆论战场主动权,要创新改进网上宣传,运用网络传播规律,要研究新媒 体发展规律。他连续两年在新年贺词中融入网言网语,还多次通过新媒体与网民互动交流。在农历新年开年之际,总书记用新媒体与网民互动问候,告诉了媒体人新 媒体发展不能“自得其乐”地高谈阔论而是要把话说到网民心坎里;总书记运用远程指挥系统、视频连线等新媒体技术,告诉大家不能忽视技术对新媒体发展的重要 支撑作用。总书记半天调研中的一次次点击、一句句问候,都在不经意间透露出了他对新媒体发展的格外关注和深邃思考。   从老旧发报机、手摇马达到全媒体平台、新媒体客户端,中国的新闻事业从筚路蓝缕、烽火硝烟中走来,如今已迎来蓬勃发展的新时期。在新媒体发展方 兴未艾的今天,有习近平总书记满怀深情的“新媒体情怀”和目光如炬的战略眼光,中国媒体行业必将迎来春色满园的繁荣发展。(国平) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: