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Arts-and-Entertainment Hidden meanings behind 8 famous logos Logo is a shortcut for the word logotype, which is a recognizable graphic design element, representing an organization or product. Some logos can be a fail and some are amazing. Nobody would like to be categorized in the fail department of course. For most companies without one yet, I am sure that you did extensive research on what your logo will mean to you as it is also important to know how it will appear from another persons point of view. Here are some examples you can draw inspiration on while conceptualizing your own logo: 1. Carrefour .www.mybusinessmodel.com/blog/images/0801/carrefour.gif Others who aren’t familiar with this might see this as just two arrows pointing on different directions. If you try and find the letter "C", you will be surprised that there is indeed a letter "C" in the logo. I personally admit that I’ve never seen the letter C before and just thought that this was just another company logo. 2. FedEx .360.jackmorton.com/upload/2007/05/fedex_logo-thumb.jpg Most people already know this but, it’s still worth mentioning here since this blog is about logos. For the benefit of those who doesn’t know, concentrate your attention on the letters "E" and "x". The white space those 2 letters create, form an arrow pointing to the right side. This signifies forward or moving forward and this is what their comapny does. 3. Amazon .www.griffinstudios.tv/images/amazon_logo.jpg Another creative logo. Amazon is an online retailer that sells books, video games, toys, music, video recordings and more. They sell almost everything. The logo has this arrow pointing from A to Z. This signifies that they sell everything from A to Z. This also appears as a smiley for those who aren’t familiar with it. I am not sure though if their service is with a smile because I’ve never transacted with them before. Continue and read the complete article at .cheftonio.blogspot../2008/09/hidden-meanings-behind-5-famous-logos.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: