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[in Wuhan] hometown rhyme can enjoy authentic Singapore – Singapore Sohu and delicacy delicacy is one of the most representative delicacy in Asia, Singapore’s most purely "local food" is a mixture of China dishes and Southeast Asian cuisine, also known as nonya. Come to Singapore, "Singapore Geylang Jiu Xiang frog porridge"! It not only by the Singapore of consumers, but also for many tourists praise, but many stars praising delicious! Singapore Geylang Jiu Xiang frog porridge, has become one of the Singapore tourism will eat delicious! Now go to Wuhan world you can enjoy authentic Singapore delicacy, Singapore Geylang Jiu Xiang frog porridge. A seemingly ordinary rice congee, porridge, is selected from Thai fragrant rice and rice in Northeast China according to the proportion of 1:1, for more than 3 hours. Boiling during stirring, let each kind of rice is heated evenly, thus cooking the most mellow flavor, pan before pepper and onion embellishment. The entrance will slide into the throat, then rice mellow flavor will stay in the mouth, although it is a bowl of porridge, but not too much salt, because the collocation of secret of the frog. Frog frog ginger, tender, rich soup, fragrant, pour in the thick rice congee taste great. Miho Ta: exclusive sauce, soup is rich and appetizing, perfect to restore the most authentic flavor of singapore. Three kinds of spicy to everyone’s taste, thick sauce and onion ginger perfectly forced a bullfrog all fresh, with rice congee, can let a person unable to resist, a person will be able to solve the pot. Graceful taste a juicy frog, frog marinated in advance, wrapped in pink deep fried, crisp outside and tender inside, kids especially like. In addition to the frog, there are other Singapore delicacy, Nonya thousand layer cake, homemade barley water…… address: Wuhan world 2-2 Building No. 2-1-20 Tel: 18602819915 Hubei city of Wuhan province from the media, the public, WeChat [Wang] into the shop Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent: Master Wang delicacy QQ:149480720 micro signal (phone): 13986193191相关的主题文章: