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How to get along with people who do not how to get along with the people do not hope Aaron Bo Khenpo don’t shake their own practice to do not disturb others’ heart. Go on with your own thinking and practice, so that the people around you through the changes in your body and mind gradually to the birth of faith in the Buddha, within the scope of their own friends to talk about the truth of buddhism. Everything is karma, sentient beings also need to root and observe all karma. As a beginner, the most important thing is to improve yourself Wen Si practice. The spiritual home of the people inevitably have to deal with every kind of human society, we can not ask everyone and we have the same beliefs, values and behavior, is an effective way I want to avoid conflict, is starting from the basic to human nature and human exchanges and communication. In religion, gender, occupation, social status and so on different behind, we are all people, all want to be understood, caring, all desire to be happy, do not want to suffer. First realize this, on the basis of the gradual expansion of the capacity of the heart, slowly and sincerely to all sentient beings, and are willing to feel their happiness, sadness, loneliness, willing to understand, to help. It seems to me that Buddhists should have the basic qualities. We should first learn how to get along with people, how to get along with. Without an open heart and compassion, we are unable to break their own limitations, it is difficult to effectively benefit. Why a person regardless of his religion, in the eyes of Mahayana Buddhist, he has a Buddha, like Buddha pure nature. We should not despise all equal respect. Get along with like-minded people, help each other in the smell of conduct, nature is better, but if you have to have faith and different people, we can still do in respect of their faith, to care for their needs at the same time, adhere to their own beliefs and practice. Must not equal with the school, polite does not necessarily have to worship as a teacher of the people. The Dharma to others to preach, to see karma. When and where, in what way, to whom, how to preach the Dharma, not enough wisdom, it is difficult to grasp the judgment, so try to improve their wisdom. How to improve it? Wen Wen wen. Beginners quiet down, good smell thinking practice, is to promote buddhism. A good practice, his quiet tone, can move the hearts of people, the Buddha of life. Abstract — the self and Aaron Bo to see the world through the "Dharma" Khenpo相关的主题文章: