Hu He Sha Yi’s Anji game entertainment Sohu – fix bear children superrecovery

Hu He Sha Yi’s game with Anji fix bear children – Sohu entertainment Hu He and his son found a chance to "small toys     Sohu entertainment Sha Yi and Hu He’s son in Anji recently frequent ring powder, repeated micro-blog hot search, let Sha Yi and Hu He become the logical" national laws". Recently, freaky Hu He took the "northeast song Nakamoto" brother unveiled the new show, staged a "where’s mom, PK husband Sha Yi to see who can fix" bear children"! Hu He took his son to debut the new show PK Sha Yi fix bear children     "the opportunity to" is the first file in cooperative innovation dream show star. The show will be aired on November 9th as "dream angel" by freaky Hu He, and this task is how to fix a bunch of kids renxiaoguitai.     now the children can be said to carry the one family of dreams and hope, parents have to take care of the child care, children seem to be only in their own "surveillance" and under the protection to normal life, study and play. However, all of this bound is imperceptibly killing their free and wild nature. How can we let the children "free play in a free environment"? Cultivate a handsome carefree free "northeast Song Joong Ki Anji mother Hu He decided to accept the challenge of the program group, try to let the children wearing a child anti lost watch, in the absence of parents to protect environment, playing in the park free. Hu He challenges with baby new artifact fix bear children have a set of     however, as a "chance to" in a physician’s words: "life is not a movie, not to say that can do it," the dream tour also encountered many difficulties and challenges.     the first is the collective opposition of parents". If a stranger to the garden, abducted the children how to do? This seems to have become the parents to give children freedom, the biggest worry.     Hu He and a man can persuade the parents? Will the children be able to get a free ride at the end? Hu He in the end what method fix a bunch of awkward bear children? What is the choice of the name of love over protection "let love become shackles"? Or get rid of the shackles, let the children grow up in a free environment? On Wednesday night, November 9th, "the opportunity to come," the adventures of hot mama Hu He is about to kick off.相关的主题文章: