HUAWEI Lu Yong digital transformation requires the determination of the number of operators footman

HUAWEI Lu Yong: digital transformation operators need to handle the determination of Phoenix Technology News in November 2nd, 2016 operational transformation summit held in Wuzhen, at the summit, the idea and practice of HUAWEI on the transformation of telecom operators to do a comprehensive and thorough interpretation, put forward "the first change, then the customer service" concept, and said digital operation transformation operators need a determination. Lu Yong, President of HUAWEI’s global technology services, HUAWEI’s global technology services, President of Lu Yong believes that the digital business has become a new growth engine, the user experience is the key to business success. He put forward the "change yourself first, then serve the customer" concept, the use of digital technology, reduce operating costs. According to him, the digital revolution of HUAWEI’s own experience of standardization, centralization, platform and intelligent four stages, is currently in the process of the intelligent platform across from in the future HUAWEI will continue to increase investment, big data analysis platform. In this regard, HUAWEI this year to do this a few things: Open ROADS initiated the formation of Community, to explore the direction of the transformation and Research on user behavior; research and Linux Foundation jointly launched the OPEN-O open source collaborative platform, committed to help operators improve business agility and deployment efficiency. It is worth mentioning that, HUAWEI investment in the establishment of an open cloud laboratory, through the construction of ecological chain, pre integrated pre verification, joint innovation, support operators network evolution and operational transformation. Lu Yong said that HUAWEI will focus on the selection of intelligent customer service, network and IT outsourcing, room transformation, as well as online and offline marketing collaboration and other aspects of the joint innovation with global operators. HUAWEI will also benefit from the products and solutions provider, into a business operator of digital transformation of the solution of "digital business is very good, but the transformation of the road is still a long way to go. We must have the agility, automation as the core of the operating system support, but also the need to match the development of network infrastructure, the most important is the need for operators to determine the number of transformation."相关的主题文章: