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Spirituality Now I know a lot of you who need to hear this message are not really here. You are holed up somewhere working. Some of you might be here physically but emotionally and intellectually you are somewhere else. Pay attention. And if you know somebody who needs this message, pick up the tape later. I think it will serve them well. We are going to get Gods read on workaholism. During my research I have come across a lot of symptoms and causes of workaholism. I want to read a couple to you. See if it fits you or someone you know. The motion sick man or woman is perfectionistic, neat, clean and orderly, very punctual, intensely competitive, disciplined. He or she craves respect and security. They are extraordinarily self-willed, unable to relax. They work long hours. They usually keep their feelings to themselves. They are frugal and persistent. They have an unusual need to be right. They despise indecisiveness in themselves. They usually struggle with marital intimacy. They are chronic worriers and have an exaggerated expectation of themselves and others. I saw some spouses elbows moving. I heard some throat clearing and saw some eyebrows being raised. I saw some slow head turns. You think that I dont see that stuff from up here, but I do. I think we need this message. What are some symptoms, specifically, and what are some underlying causes of motion sickness? Recently, I watched a workaholic flame out within walking distance of this church. Now he is living out the rest of his life with a broken career, a broken home and a broken heart. From the outside looking in, one would miss the cause of his problem. You would think that you knew what was driving him, the tangibles, the cars, the clothes and his really cool corner office. Surely that would be it. Or maybe he just loved his work. Maybe genetically he is just wired that way. Surely that would be the reason. But its not. The true cause, the significant symptom that drives workaholism is something surprising. Insecurity. Workaholics, motion sick men and women, deal with insecurity and it drives and fuels all of the engines that cause them to overwork and over-strive and over-strain. So picture a motion sick person riding wave after wave, being tossed and turned by the erratic movement of the corporate culture. Their rationale goes something like this. Hey, I better do well. Ed Young Pastor said, I better perform because when I perform, people will tell me that I matter and when other people tell me I matter, then I will really matter. Most motion sick people grew up in homes where love was conditional. Many grew up in homes where a mother or father departed at an early age. Many grew up in homes where one parent was an alcoholic. When many performed or did something well, the parents may have said that was good but they needed to do better. So as adults they are trying to hear the words they never heard as a child, you matter, you are good, you can do something, I love you, you are one of a kind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: