Inter. Media Vs Print Media Case Study By Shanq

If we talk about promotion of a brand image, there are myriad ways to support ones products. In todays world, what matters is which is the most effective way to promote your business! If you are stuck between the dilemmas of opting for the best medium to outsource your brands, try exploring the possibilities of the internet media rather than the traditional press media. Let us see how! The Rise & Rise of Internet Media Before the advent of internet, Print Media was the only channel to circulate news and carry out brand endorsements. Today, Internet is the new media. With considerably greater reach, cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and owing to its rapid growth across the world; Internet is the most preferred way to bring your business prospects into effect. Shanq Web provides Online PR consultation and Social Media Marketing to help you build reinforced online presence right from its very foundation. We operate premium verified accounts backed by our strategists to target Social Media Influences such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. to augment sales and boost up traffic of your website. Marketing through the internet is the most cost effective way to reach audiences and the young web savvy generation. With the emergence of the newer technology and .munication, people are more invested into marketing through internet. Spending more time with electronic items and spending more time online with newer technology is what makes them potential audience for todays market. Marketing in all forms of media is also a good thing if you want to reach as many audiences as possible but if youre restricted by budgetary constraints, you should look for cheaper and wide spread mediums and this is where internet has its main role. Internet vs Print Internet unlike print is a media plus and is the biggest revolution in our lives. More than 40 million users increased in the last decade and more are joining at an alarming rate. Internet has almost every substitute may it be banking, shopping or your daily newspaper. The information available on the internet is much more than you can ever find on the print media. You can browse and read your type and choice of information and news online. It also allows you to create your own newspaper, blog, and website and reach out to the world to display your resources. In short, internet is the best medium for entrepreneurs and business starters to emerge on a global stage. It doesnt matter what kind of talent you have. All you need to showcase your genius inside. If youre a writer, you can entertain people with your articles and creativity; if youre a video maker you can exhibit your innovative creations through hundreds of free video sites online. Online business promotion is the activity that markets to users on the Internet. Typically, online promotion drives users, through links, from one place on the Internet to your web site. Online promotions are performed to generate new business leads and opportunities. Online promotion is effective because your audience is already using the Internet and it qualifies the customer through the linking banner or headline used. The print media consist of all newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets, magazines, and other printed publications, especially those that sell advertising space for raising revenue. Most print media, with the exception of magazines, are local except some national newspapers and trade publications. Also included in print media category are directories, yellow pages, yearbooks, and programs at sporting events. Print media is traditionally used by marketers to promote their products and to reach target customers. Online advertisement is the emerging and hottest medium of advertisement in recent time. And with the number of Internet users fast growing across the world, new media advertisement has a bright future. In fact, it is just a matter of time when new media or online media advertising will experience a boom all over the world. Online media is much cheaper than print advertising (news papers and magazines). Small businesses owners find this medium as the most convenient way to promote their brand as they find print advertising outside their budget. .pared to newspaper advertising coverage in online advertising is not limited. The number of people surfing the Web is not limited and thus an advertiser can reach more customers using online media. Another factor favoring online advertising is its edge over print advertising as it can give the surfer both visual and graphic treats. It .bines the advantages television and print advertising. Newspapers involve themselves in political, as well as the social activities. By using online media news papers can create new identity, value and can involve themselves (and their readers) in political and The print media is yet to make up its mind whether to .pete or cooperate with the new challenger – The Internet & the Blogs! Print journalism players have a Web presence, that is mostly the result of a domino effect rather than a carefully thought out strategy. Sadly, the egoist attitude of the editorials always think their domains as ‘own territory’ but unfortunately, no more on the web. Here rules the righteousness. With Internet gaining popularity, the dynamics of readership changes. The fundamental principles of captive audiences changes. The Internet changed the way .merce and business functions. Online advertising You can custom design your approach to different websites and different social networking sites. Interactive sites Create something fun to encourage viewers to spend some time on your site. Make it exciting and something that they can participate in. You tube You Tube has great ways to target audiences that you are looking for. It has a program that will identify what videos are most popular with the target audience you are seeking and then you can launch your advertising around those videos. Viral design A viral design approach is when a video is produced and then the market discovers it and gets excited about it all on its own. Once something is out in the open, then it can continue to spread rapidly from user to user, with no potential end. Clearly marketing via the internet is a great way to get your name and product out there to the individuals that like to spend their money. More and more people are using the internet for their everyday needs and you can reach a large variety of people that way. Here are the possibilities of print media: Print media has always been a popular advertising method. There are a number of different print media to advertise with. There are newspapers, brochures, magazines and fliers. Obviously this has been a very popular way of advertising for years now. Print advertising tends to lean more to the older generations than the younger ones. This is a form of advertising they are use to and grew up with, unlike the younger generations. So, this can target a very different audience, it just depends on what audience you are looking for. Here are some examples of print media: Newspapers and magazines Advertising products via newspapers or magazines is a .mon practice. A lot of times the newspapers and magazines sell advertising space on however large of an area you want and where you want it located. Marketing your product in a new or less popular newspaper will cost far less than placing an advertisement in a popular newspaper where there are many readers. Again, this may end up costing a bit more than the internet, but you also reach a different audience, which could be very beneficial for your business. Flyers and brochures Things such as promotional brochures and fliers are also available for advertising purposes. These are used to present information about your business and its capabilities, products or services. All of your .pany’s printed material should go along side with your marketing message and your .pany image. Brochure contents range from information about your .pany to specific product features and benefits. Flyers are frequently used to announce a sale, open house or other limited-time event. Both of which are very different from an ad in the newspaper or marketing on the inter.. These are very convenient to be able to hand out to your customers or other potential clients. 相关的主题文章: