International Studies in nutrition (Nias) project launched – Sohu health bleep

International nutrition training (NIAS) project – Sohu health improvement project office, October 30, 2016, by the national public nutrition international authoritative University, medical institutions and relevant international organizations to support and guidance, sponsored by the International Committee of nutrition nutrition training international training work (NIAS) project started in beijing. National public nutrition improvement project office director Yu Xiaodong, Secretary General Wang Wei, deputy secretary general China health development alliance chairman Wang Ping, the International Natural Medicine Society China Chairman Dr. Hu Xiaoyan, Beijing general education company chairman Cheng Jie, Australia nutrition professor Jian song Mr. Bao, as well as representatives of more than 30, from the National Nutrition Society nutritionist training organization leadership nutrition and health industry, jointly attended the meeting. Yu Xiaodong pointed out that to realize the great dream of health China, first of all to form a team engaged in nutrition and health work of the backbone of the team, to play a central role in the areas of government agencies, social organizations, the education of science and technology, production and service etc.. Without such a team, it is difficult to succeed. Currently, this team is still small and weak, the theoretical basis is not thick enough, science and technology support is not strong enough, international influence and the right to speak to be promoted. The start of the international nutrition training program (NIAS) will help to improve the situation. NIAS will not only nutrition education and training international advanced into the China, improve nutrition and health level of employees China, to provide real and effective health service for the customer, but also will bring the whole society to a correct understanding of nutrition, nutrition to become an effective tool for disease prevention and management of chronic diseases.相关的主题文章: