Jane Zhang married before eating Hot pot was exposed…… the people of Hongkong in the Changchun o spyair

Jane Zhang married before eating Hot pot was exposed…… the people of Hongkong in the Changchun opening a Hong Kong Style soup Hot pot shop! – Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. This program sponsored by France in Changchun "power elements, a Hot pot shop" chowhound are definitely not for having heard it many times but you really eat it, is "the power elements of Hot pot", it created a traditional Hong Kong Guangdong area, the soup as Hot pot soup boiled food Hot pot. We read "I am a singer" people to the scene must be very familiar with, they eat Hot pot is "power elements of Hot pot", Jane Zhang power station is in the right side of the element yesterday just married a Hot pot from Hongkong, Hong Kong style dishes, soup pot, Hot pot characteristics about the environment of high Yan there is a takeaway service project, no wonder the stars call all eat ~ how to say, Xiao Bian is starstruck star to eat, I also want to eat so well, "I come Hot pot Hot pot," so characteristic of Hong Kong style down down down each Hot pot soup pot with hen, duck, beef stick bone, pork fine ingredients with Codonopsis, angelica, medlar, jujube, longan and ten ten taste nourishing nourishing condiment condiment fire boil 8 hours and a small very powerful, a Eat all of four kinds of pot, ha ha to Hong Kong style Hot pot Shabu, highlighting the delicious and nutritious ingredients, ingredients and ingredients are very important. The bottom power elements of Hot pot tastes very unique, with the traditional soup as Hot pot soup. The soup containing diet, so not only delicious, but also has nourishing and beautifying skin and the effect of physical fitness. Tomato soup pot: slimming slimming, nourishing beauty, jianweixiaoshi. Spicy soup pot: beauty, in addition to wind and dampness. Nourishing soup pot: physical fitness, nourishing beauty. Mushroom soup pot: slimming slimming, nourishing beauty, health care, disease prevention and cure. We use lower down power down area delicacy food company, beef and mutton from Xilingol grassland. It is China’s only into the international ecological grassland nature reserve. There are no industrial pollution and no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Under such circumstances, the growth of cattle and sheep, meat delicious can think of. "Inner Mongolia lamb is known as the" Mongolia sheep crown ", an average of 6 months of age, the size of the" sheep "and" Sunite sheep". The characteristics of fresh meat, not fishy smell of mutton. "Inner Mongolia beef beef breed is for adaptability, disease resistance and cold tolerance, fast growth, extensive Simmental cattle, Luxi cattle, Limousin cattle, good varieties of high-quality delicious beef cattle production. The small personal recommendation of fatlings put into the pot boiled tomato, tender beef mixed with fresh tomato, but also greasy solution. The 20 disc of a disc can fix Hot pot a total of 20 kinds of raw materials, there are meat and vegetarian;相关的主题文章: