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Careers-Employment A career in engineering is one of the most promising careers of all. One of the reasons is that engineering is one of the foundations of civilizations; thus almost everything in this world is somehow dependent on engineering. Another reason is because engineering deals with inventions, designs, production, manufacturing, and solutions among others. As such, there are various fields for which engineering can be practiced and applied. In addition, engineering covers a wide scope of specialization and expertise such that whatever the industry is, there would always be a need for engineers. There are various disciplines in engineering. These include civil, .puter, electronics, electronics and .munications, electrical, chemical, mechanical, power, refrigeration, air-conditioning, environmental, structural, geothermal, nuclear, and mining. Each of these disciplines and fields of specializations have different opportunities and directions. According to statistics, engineering is one of the highly employable careers. Moreover, an engineering career is coupled with attractive .pensation packages and benefits. In engineering, there are a number of careers that you can choose from. These careers are equally promising as the others. Moreover, the demand for these careers in various industries is also significantly high. These are probably the reasons why more and more people are seeking a career in engineering. Academe. One of the careers in engineering which is not very .mon is the academe. While many engineering graduates implore the industries for job opportunities, some chose to be in the academe. The teaching profession is one of the noblest professions in the world. Teaching in an engineering discipline at the university is very noble indeed for you are molding the next generation into be.ing responsible engineers in the future. Moreover, choosing the academe as an engineering career is very dignified because it is not very often that people would want to impart what they have learned to others. Manufacturing. Every manufacturing industry definitely needs engineering. The list of job vacancies for engineering in the manufacturing industries seems endless. Some of the most .mon careers that can be pursued in the manufacturing industry include production, quality control, electrical, and boilers to name a few. In addition, job opportunities in the industry will surely be continuous since new products are being manufactured regularly, thus increasing the need for engineers. Transportation. The construction of roads and bridges are part of an engineering career. Furthermore, the design and maintenance of vehicles, cars, trucks, and motorcycles are also part of an engineering career. Therefore, the field of transportation is one area which can be an avenue for an engineering career. There are many engineers that are in the field of transportation and have be.e successful in their careers. In fact, some even hold high positions in transportation agencies, automobile manufacturing, and construction firms that are dedicated to road and bridge constructions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: