Keyword Density May Not Necessarily Be Key In Making Your Site And Content Stand

Internet-and-Business-Online A popular buzzword in the world of Internet marketing these days is keyword density. Almost everybody who is interested in making money on the World Wide Web is preoccupied with stuffing his or her articles with various, almost repetitive, mention of key phrases and words. Many people believe that just by peppering their articles with keywords and key phrases, they can already be assured of high page ranking in many popular search engines. Although some search engines require keyword density as high as six or seven per cent, the ideal keyword density percentage is only about two or three. One leading search engine might actually penalize you of spamming if the density of keywords in your article exceeds its limit. Furthermore, for most, if not all, search engines, the foremost factor that will determine high page ranking is the quality of the content that a website provides. Aside from search engines, many web users also despise too much keyword stuffing. There are many people who just put keywords or key phrases anywhere, without even considering the natural flow of the language and the readability of their article. Moreover, people want informative pieces, something that would give them new knowledge or an added insight on the things that they are interested in. News, facts and novel ideas are what people look for in an article. If you are too concerned with keyword density, you may not have space to incorporate facts, figures and other important details in your web content. There are many more effective ways to promote your site without focusing on keyword-rich articles. Below are some of the techniques you could use to help make your website stand out: Submit your site to search engines Web users rely on search engines to lead them to sites that sell products that they are interested to buy or services that they are planning to contract. Majority of Internet users also utilize search engines to look for useful articles about almost anything under the sun. Thus, if you want your website or online store to reach a wider audience, you need to consider search engines as your partners and friends. Even when you are just beginning to develop your site, it is wise to already submit your site to search engines. Once you are already recognized by such search tools, you can now start building the content of your site. Build and develop links Aside from content, most search engines also look for links. The more links they find, the higher the probability that your page ranking will be raised. However, before you can build links, you first need to concentrate on building your content. Other websites will only be interested in linking your site if they feel that your content or site .plements or supplements their respective sites. Linking is a symbiotic relationship; you need to give in order to receive. Blogs can also help raise the number of your links. You can create a blog that is directly or indirectly related to your site or target niche. Thus, if you are selling a portable time machine, you can coalesce or link with websites that discusses time travel and other time-travel paraphernalia. Give freebies and other bonus items A surefire way to boost traffic to your site is by giving visitors or subscribers some freebies. Even in supermarkets and department stores, you will notice many people heading to stalls and stores that give free taste or samples of new products. Consumers, nowadays, want to ensure that they get even more than what they have paid for. Free articles and e-books are the most popular freebies that visitors on your site or subscriber to your blogs can get. Allowing other people to repost, or even reprint, the articles you have .posed or created can already be considered as a potent marketing strategy. As mentioned earlier, high-quality content is a valuable asset on the Internet. Therefore, if you provide an updated, relevant, informative and easy to understand article to your site’s visitors for free, they will keep .ing back and might eventually consider buying from you or getting your services. They might also re.mend your site to their friends, relatives, family and other members of their social .work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: