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Reflect the large banks change masterpiece Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Large banks reflect the change of masterpiece reading "Innovation — Reform and transformation of large commercial banks under the new normal" Wei Jijun the great needs of the times of great works, especially in the financial reform is a key period for large commercial banks to change, urgently need some theory and practice of financial management, senior managers, for the financial industry to contribute more wisdom, promote leapfrog, evergreen large commercial banks innovation. Bank chairman Niu Ximing compiled the "Innovation — the new normal large commercial bank reform and transformation" offered such spiritual food for us, this is a milepost significance with the reform reflects China’s large banks results, it is worth every attention and close the reform and development of our country bank serious heart reading. First, this is a comprehensive reform of China’s large banks in the direction of writing. This book has always been to the new environment, the new normal development bank under consideration, a comprehensive deepening of reform on the overall layout, analyzes several major problems of large commercial banks reform and transformation facing the new normal, centering on the reform of corporate governance, management mechanism reform, business model innovation, transformation and development of four aspects the in-depth study of the large commercial banks reform and transformation of the road. In every major problem, insist on problem oriented, theory, policy, planning, path, different text echoes, rigorous logic, depth and intensity, in recent years, China’s commercial banks reflect the reform and development of a rare book. In particular, this book adhere to the problem oriented, many theories on the reform and development of commercial banks, such as the development of responsibility theory, the Party committee and the modern financial governance structure relations, sub company of mixed ownership reform of commercial banks, integrated and international, occupation manager system, division system are studied research and discussion. In the key period of reform of commercial banks, the research team led by Chairman Niu Ximing, for us to clearly explain the theoretical logic framework for future development of large commercial banks, has important guiding significance to deepen financial reform. Second, this is a reflection of the top-level design and implementation of the Bank of communications works. Bank of communications is a legendary and iconic bank in the history of China’s banking development, the first to implement the shareholding system, the first to set up branches across the region, the development of China’s commercial banks have accumulated valuable experience. In June 2015, "deepening the reform of bank plan" was approved by the State Council agreed in principle, the bank embarked on a large state-owned commercial banks to deepen the reform of the ice road, once again assume the historical responsibility of reform. This book reflects the future transformation and upgrading of the bank’s top-level design and implementation. In this book, we can see the future development goals and planning of each strip layout design, traffic bank chain, complement each other. In the aspect of corporate governance reform, we should set up a large commercial bank with Chinese characteristics相关的主题文章: