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Movies-TV There was once a time, when homosexuality was looked down upon; many considered it a disease and often tried to avoid people who practiced or for that matter, even supported homosexuality. There were several misconceptions about this different preference, when it came to sexual relations. People thought that it was a disease, which could spread from one person to another. However, today, things have changed and people are more open to preferences that are slightly different from their own. There is no denying that a lesbian film, which projects the true emotions and points behind the concept of homosexuality, is quite helpful in removing misconceptions. Such movies offer a voice to those who have different preferences. A lesbian film director can work wonders, if he or she handles the topic of homosexuality with care and a certain amount of poignancy. Several filmmakers including Chantal Akerman, Dorothy Arzner and Lizzie Borden have shown that such topics need to be handled with concern. It is also interesting to observe that there are several men who are into the genre of lesbian movie making. Another prominent lesbian moviemaker is Shamim Sarif, who has several movies to her credit, each of which touches the topic of love between two women. The World Unseen with Lisa Ray is perhaps one of the best movies made in recent times. The movie tells the story of how two women begin feelings for each other and what steps they take to ensure that they get to be with the person they love the most. Over the past years, several filmmakers have .e to the forefront, trying to project a positive image of those who practice homosexuality. They are trying to put across the female perspective in lesbian films and the mens side of the story in gay movies. The directors are incredibly talented and many of them are homosexuals themselves. This has made it easier for them to portray the reality and what the undercurrents are. It is also heartening to see that a number of actors are willing to take up roles that revolve around homosexuality. While Lisa Ray is one such actor, there have been others as well, in not only America, but also other parts of the world. This goes to show that even actors are willing to accept the difference in sexual preferences of others. Given that actors are ideals and role models for a number of people, it is important on their part to educate their audiences on such issues. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: