Li Yuchun is a glamorous actress posing Zhang Tian’ai jewelry old driver – Sohu face gossip

Li Yuchun is a glamorous actress posing Zhang Tian’ai jewelry "old driver" – Sohu in various film festivals, brand activities staged by star busy market, red carpet style count, collocation jewelry watch for their many chelseagreat. Li Yuchun wore Gucci Silver Tiger personality handsome, Tiffany sapphire red dress with Zhang Tian’ai domineering and elegant beauty, clever Hailu Qin, dashingly handsome Song Jia, one is the "old driver Watch Jewelry collocation". In October 30th, 2016 Chinese fashion night held the red carpet wearing the Gucci Garden series, Li Yuchun silver handsome appearance. Gucci Garden series with tiger design inspiration, including Pendant Necklace, bracelet and ring opening of 925 silver jewelry set, retro palladium finishes delicate texture, very recognizable, with Chris Wuli super gas field, properly HOLD live audience. In the same fashion night, Princess Zhang Tianai was wearing a red dress shoulder, showing delicate collarbone, eye-catching Sapphire Earrings with a finger shining sapphire ring were derived from Tiffany & Co, interpretation of retro fashion, the goddess full range of children. In October 30th, Hailu Qin in Wuhan propaganda film "hide and seek", all white look stylish eye-catching, ear flickering DAMIANI Daisy Mayer Paradise series earrings, make the whole people increasingly elegant and clever, beautiful. In October 30th, Tian Jing dressed in a simple dress debut Fuzhou, collocation DAMIANI Daisy Mayer 88 Series earrings and DAMIANI Daisy Mayer Paradise series ring, light styling, elegant and glamorous. In October 29th, the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Audemars Pigeut Yu pioneer — Audemars Pigeut and senior tabulation of Contemporary Art Exhibition "opened in Shanghai, Song Jia Audemars Pigeut, Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph collocation this year", "wind fire pajamas dashingly handsome and personality. Audemars Pigeut in 1993 for the Royal Oak Offshore watches men launched by a solid case and button design and timing function and other characteristics of famous for modern women to design new Royal Oak Offshore chronograph for the series "Lady Tapisserie" icing on the cake, plaid decoration, case size 37 mm, slender when the standard design, become a "beloved teacher picked flowers". In October 26th, Jiang Qinqin in the film because of its "one spoon" in a moving performance, won the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival Chinese film week golden crane Award for "best actress", she was wearing a robe, collocation Piaget Earl Rose series and Limelight Gala jewelry series, elegant appearance atmosphere. The wrist watch dial inlaid diamond in the dense, charming curve against its incomparable, revealing fashion and strong personality charm. Piaget Rose is a ring like a jewel glorious rose in bloom in the fingers. Bvlgari as "female police flower lychee" Bai Baihe fashion street shoot into a different kind of elegance. Bright colors highlight Bai Baihe.相关的主题文章: