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Interior-Decorating Paper lanterns are also used during Christmas by Spanish .munities and for other Italian and German festivals. Some of the popular types of lanterns are mentioned below. Battery Operated LED Lanterns Star Shaped Lanterns Paper Candle Lanterns Floating Water Lanterns Paper candle bag luminaries Water Lanterns Round Chinese and Japanese Silk Lanterns Round Blank Lanterns Criss Cross Lanterns USES OF PAPER LANTERNS: There are numerous ways in which these lanterns can be used. Some of them are… WEDDINGS: Weddings are an extremely beautiful and colorful occasion. What better way to light up your wedding than using paper lanterns. They are inexpensive and can add a mystical element to the most important day of ones life. It provides a cultural, yet modern look to the reception. It even adds a touch of class to the wedding reception. People can even convey their greetings and well wishes by sending out these lanterns. PARTIES: Paper lanterns can be an essential part of birthday parties, bachelor parties, theme parties, baby showers and various other celebrations. It provides breathtaking visuals for the people and can glamorize the occasion. Besides being soothing to the eye it can even provide light. It is a cost cutting and user friendly idea and the perfect way to lighten up formal gatherings and dinners. FESTIVALS: Numerous Chinese festivals use paper lanterns. However, these paper lanterns have extended their global presence and are being used to celebrate different festivals worldwide. The festivals prominently features Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter and so on. They are capable of creating a mesmerizing aura that is sure to get admiration. In addition to all the above uses, lanterns can be used for sending gifts, return gift, messages, business purposes, marketing services and products and various other uses one can think of. They add sophistication to any given occasion. The lanterns can also be used at home as it is an inexpensive way to add style to your home. So, in order to cherish and relish your special occasions, you can use these beautiful pieces of artwork to beautify and bring uniqueness to your celebrations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: