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Mobile-Audio-Video Time flies without much of our attention and now we are entering September. Just one month later, we will embrace the start of a whole new NBA season. I believe every NBA or basketball lover has now filled their hearts with keen anticipation. Which team will have the last laugh and win this season’s championship? Maybe that question is the most asked one among NBA fans. Miami Heat has recently undergone a huge member exchange-Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, the 3 peerless All-Star players have unexpectedly joined their hands at Miami Heat and formed a new "Big Three", which will definitely cause a great uproar in the NBA. I believe in most people’s opinion, they will have the best chance to will the title. As for the last season’s champion Los Angeles Lakers, under the great leadership of Kobe Bryant, who can also get some help from Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest, they will still be very competitive and I believe they are one of a few teams that have the strength to compete with Miami Heat. As far as I am concerned, the Celtics may not perform as well as they did in the last season, since Kevin Garnett,Ray Allen, Paul pierce, and Rasheed Wallace are not at their peak any more. The only hope may rest on Rajon Londo, who grew at an amazing speed. However, basketball relies on teamwork but not on any single person. Don’t forget Dwight Howard and his Orlando Magic, especially after the advent of VC. VC can’t go back to his "half-man-half-amazing" days, but his experience and strong ability to score will benefit the team a lot. Last season, they did well, but not well enough. I think they can do better this season, and good luck to them! Carmelo Anthony’s leave will certainly weaken Denver Nuggets, and his final choice may have not a small impact on the NBA. Chauncey Billups, whose advent brought Denver Nuggets new life, will stay and he will not let Denver Nuggets collapse easily. Oklahoma City Thunder may have a chance to play as a dark horse, as they have their core player Kevin Durant, a superstar player who scored the highest during last season. Their performance will be also paid close attention to by many people. Good luck to them, too! NBA is such a huge basketball festival for basket fans. Each match, including matches during regular season, is worth watching. If you are lucky enough and have a chance to attend the excellent matches, dont forget to take some photos or record a match with your digital video camera! If you like, you can also convert your videos handy video converters are available at ..topsoftwareol../products_Video.html to other formats and either put them onto your personal website, or store them in your portable media players and share them with your friends later. What a joyful thing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: