Make Your Results Stand Out With Data

UnCategorized Whatever kind of .pany you work for chances are you is going to have to show your boss or associates how you or your staff have made a positive, and even lucrative difference for the .pany. Your results, no matter what they pertain to, are going to have to be recorded in one manner or another. While most of us like to think the data will speak itself, that simply isn’t the case. No matter what industry you are in, visual representation goes a long way in making your data more interesting than simple text and a boring table. Make yourself stand out and have the data you present be interesting to all the important people you are presenting it to. It’s not hard to do and there are many programs out there from Excel, Newsmap, Voyage, Digg Stack and more that can give your data an accessible, and aesthetically pleasing touch. Some of these programs work better for creating accessible menus and user interfaces, and some are better at .anising raw data, for a work presentation or something along those lines. For instance, applications such as Burst Labs allow you to create unique, interactive menus for your website. One of the more popular applications creates a lot of small floating bubbles that are actually links to various artists, clips, and other queries. The bubble interface can be customised with various sized icons, titles, and colours. Using a program like Day Life, you are able to add pop ups and interactive displays that will show up on your website or programs, and act almost as a memo for whoever might be viewing the program or your website. For those looking to display raw data instead of simply trying to make their website interface sleeker looking, you’ll want to consider that there are many times when large amounts of data, with many variables, are displayed and a standard graph with two variables on the x and y axis won’t do the trick. In this case you will need to think outside the box if you don’t want to have to flip through dozens of graphs and tables. If you use programs like Musiclens for your data visualisation projects, you can show more than just one, and you can create graphs and scatter plots that exist on a 3D plane. You can even make large 3D displays and have it automatically take the information right from an excel document, or whatever format you might have the data stored in. Then you can easily flick through the 3D diagram and show your observers exactly what the large collection of numbers and graphs mean. There are many times in any business where you are going to need to show your data in its best light. Whether the data is for work or it is content for your website or program, you’ll need that data to be visually appealing for the best impact. With the many data visualisation software choices available to you today, it’s important to find one that works for you and that will make you stand out as the professional you are. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: